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Clubiona golovatchi Mikhailov, 1990

Comment: See also C. mazandaranica.
Record Map:
Family: : Clubionidae
Genus: : Clubiona

North Caucasus

very abundant species, 33 record(s)

Determination Link:
# Original Records Location Publication Comment
1.31260: Clubiona golovatchi Magaramkent Mikhailov (1990)
2.31256: Clubiona golovatchi Zheleznovodsk Mikhailov (1990)
3.31258: Clubiona golovatchi Tsey Mikhailov (1990)
4.31259: Clubiona golovatchi Khiv Mikhailov (1990)
5.31257: Clubiona golovatchi Ardon Mikhailov (1990)
6.31254: Clubiona golovatchi Slavyansk-na-Kuban Mikhailov (1990)
7.31255: Clubiona golovatchi Krasnodar Mikhailov (1990)
8.31253: Clubiona golovatchi Lazarevskoye Mikhailov (1990)
9.Clubiona golovatchi in Caucasus State Biosphere Reserve Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve Ponomarev & Chumachenko (2007)
10.Clubiona golovatchi at Bolshoi Utrish Bolshoi Utrish Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
11.Clubiona golovatchi at Lazarevskoe Lazarevskoye Mikhailov (2003)
12.Clubiona golovatchi W of Zheleznovodsk Zheleznovodsk Mikhailov (2003)
13.Clubiona golovatchi at on Tsey Mt. Ridge Tsey Mikhailov (2003)
14.Clubiona golovatchi between Chmi and Baltik Tshmi Mikhailov (2003)
15.Clubiona golovatchi at Garakh Garakh Mikhailov (2003)
16.Clubiona golovatchi at Bolshoi Utrish Bolshoi Utrish Ponomarev & Khatshikov (2009)
17.Clubiona golovatchi on Mt. Kelbashi Mt. Kelbashi Martynovchenko & Mikhailov (2014)
18.31268: Clubiona golovatchi Pirkuli Mikhailov (1990)
19.31273: Clubiona golovatchi Kajaran Mikhailov (1990)
20.31270: Clubiona golovatchi Kelbadjar Mikhailov (1990)
21.31271: Clubiona golovatchi Masali Mikhailov (1990)
22.31269: Clubiona golovatchi Kuba Mikhailov (1990)
23.31267: Clubiona golovatchi Altyagatsh Mikhailov (1990)
24.31265: Clubiona golovatchi Kashkachay Mikhailov (1990)
25.31266: Clubiona golovatchi Bash Layski Mikhailov (1990)
26.31263: Clubiona golovatchi Aghkemal Mikhailov (1990)
27.31264: Clubiona golovatchi Zakataly State Reserve Mikhailov (1990)
28.31261: Clubiona golovatchi Lagodekhi Reserve Mikhailov (1990)
29.31262: Clubiona golovatchi Keda Mikhailov (1990)
30.32696: Clubiona golovatchi Bichenek Marusik et al. (2004)
31.Clubiona golovatchi in Lenkoran Area Lenkoran (City) Guseinov (1999b)
32.Clubiona golovatchi at Chilisa Tshilisa Mikhailov (2003)
33.Clubiona golovatchi on Megri Mt. Ridge Megri Mikhailov (2003)
# Cited Records Location Original Publication Citing Publication
1.18642: Clubiona golovatchi Caucasus citation missing view citing publication
2.33951: Clubiona golovatchi Sotshi Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
3.33952: Clubiona golovatchi Krasnodar Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
4.33953: Clubiona golovatchi Slavyansk-na-Kuban Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
5.33954: Clubiona golovatchi Zheleznovodsk Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
6.33955: Clubiona golovatchi North Ossetia–Alania Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
7.33956: Clubiona golovatchi Dagestan Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
8.18643: Clubiona golovatchi Armenian Upland citation missing view citing publication
9.18645: Clubiona golovatchi Georgia citation missing view citing publication
10.18646: Clubiona golovatchi Azerbaijan citation missing view citing publication
11.18647: Clubiona golovatchi Armenia citation missing view citing publication
12.33957: Clubiona golovatchi Lagodekhi Reserve Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
13.33958: Clubiona golovatchi Adjaria Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
14.33959: Clubiona golovatchi Armenia Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
15.33960: Clubiona golovatchi Azerbaijan Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication
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