New Database Version [Work in Progress]

As of September 2019 I started updating both the Caucasian Spiders Database as well as the website frontend displaying the data, including …

  1. … checking and updating missing and broken links between and araneae.unibe (in cooperation with Daniel Gloor).
  2. … updating the nomenclature.
  3. … the addition of new records from newly published or aquired older publications. Please point missing literature out to me!
  4. … calculating new distribution maps and correcting some bugs in the distribution maps, e.g. deleting misleading record points of unprecise locations like ‚Georgia‘ or ‚Caucasus‘ on the maps.

Update Status: I am currently working on updating the links (1.) and the nomenclature (2.) …
[21-SEP-2019: 1000/1115 species … 90%]
[20-SEP-2019: 820/1115 species … 74%]
[14-SEP-2019: 700/1115 species … 63%]
[12-SEP-2019: 568/1115 species … 51%]
[11-SEP-2019: 400/1115 species … 36%]
[09-SEP-2019: 250/1115 species … 22%]
[08-SEP-2019: 121/1115 species … 11%]

This is a good opportunity to consider any suggestions made by users to improve usability and add records and publications unknown to me. Please forward any such suggestions to me by mail! Thanks you very much!

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