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Ponomarev, A.V. & S.V. Alieva (2010): The new data on spiders (Aranei) fauna of Dagestan. Vest. Perm. Univ. Biol. 3: 12-16PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Agroeca cuprea at Madzhalis Agroeca cuprea Madzhalis
2.Alopecosa alpicola at Great Turali Lake Alopecosa alpicola Great Turali Lake
3.Alopecosa charitonovi at Khidib Geolycosa charitonovi Khidib
4.Alopecosa cursor at Great Turali Lake Alopecosa cursor Great Turali Lake
5.Alopecosa cursor at Tselegyun Alopecosa cursor Tselegiun
6.Alopecosa trabalis at Gasha Alopecosa trabalis Gasha
7.Alopecosa trabalis at Madzhalis Alopecosa trabalis Madzhalis
8.Aphantaulax trifasciata at Great Turali Lake Aphantaulax trifasciata Great Turali Lake
9.Arctosa cinerea at Gasha Arctosa cinerea Gasha
10.Arctosa leopardus at Great Turali Lake Arctosa leopardus Great Turali Lake
11.Arctosa leopardus at Makhatshkala Arctosa leopardus Makhatshkala
12.Arctosa stigmosa at Gasha Arctosa stigmosa Gasha
13.Arctosa tbilisiensis at Gasha Arctosa tbilisiensis Gasha
14.Arctosa tbilisiensis at Great Turali Lake Arctosa tbilisiensis Great Turali Lake
15.Arctosa tbilisiensis at Makhatshkala Arctosa tbilisiensis Makhatshkala
16.Argiope lobata at Great Turali Lake Argiope lobata Great Turali Lake
17.Argiope lobata at Izberbash Argiope lobata Izberbash
18.Argiope lobata at Khidib Argiope lobata Khidib
19.Asianellus festivus at Tselegyun Asianellus festivus Tselegiun
20.Atypus muralis at Gasha Atypus muralis Gasha
21.Atypus muralis at Makhatshkala Atypus muralis Makhatshkala
22.Cercidia prominens at Madzhalis Cercidia prominens Madzhalis
23.Clubiona alpicola at Gasha Clubiona alpicola Gasha
24.Clubiona brevipes at Gasha Clubiona brevipes Gasha
25.Dendryphantes rudis at Tselegyun Dendryphantes rudis Tselegiun
26.Drassodes caspius at Great Turali Lake Drassodes caspius Great Turali Lake
27.Dysdera ukrainensis at Great Turali Lake Dysdera ukrainensis Great Turali Lake
28.Dysdera ukrainensis at Makhatshkala Dysdera ukrainensis Makhatshkala
29.Dysderella caspica at Great Turali Lake Dysderella caspica Great Turali Lake
30.Episinus truncatus at Gasha Episinus truncatus Gasha
31.Episinus truncatus at Makhatshkala Episinus truncatus Makhatshkala
32.Frontinellina frutetorum at Gasha Frontinellina frutetorum Gasha
33.Frontinellina frutetorum at Tselegyun Frontinellina frutetorum Tselegiun
34.Gnaphosa steppica at Tselegyun Gnaphosa steppica Tselegiun
35.Gnaphosa steppica at Tselegyun Gnaphosa steppica Tselegiun
36.Haplodrassus bohemicus at Great Turali Lake Haplodrassus bohemicus Great Turali Lake
37.Haplodrassus silvestris at Madzhalis Haplodrassus silvestris Madzhalis
38.Heliophanus lineiventris at Great Turali Lake Heliophanus lineiventris Great Turali Lake
39.Linyphia triangularis at Makhatshkala Linyphia triangularis Makhatshkala
40.Linyphia triangularis at Tselegyun Linyphia triangularis Tselegiun
41.Malthonica lyncea at Gasha Tegenaria lyncea Gasha
42.Malthonica lyncea at Makhatshkala Tegenaria lyncea Makhatshkala
43.Malthonica lyncea at Tselegyun Tegenaria lyncea Tselegiun
44.Menemerus taeniatus at Makhatshkala Menemerus taeniatus Makhatshkala
45.Menemerus taeniatus at Tselegyun Menemerus taeniatus Tselegiun
46.Micaria pulicaria at Gasha Micaria pulicaria Gasha
47.Micrommata virescens at Madzhalis Micrommata virescens Madzhalis
48.Mimetus laevigatus at Gasha Mimetus laevigatus Gasha
49.Myrmarachne formicaria at Gasha Myrmarachne formicaria Gasha
50.Neoscona subfusca at Tselegyun Neoscona subfusca Tselegiun
51.Neoscona tedgenica at Sergokala Neoscona tedgenica Sergokala
52.Neoscona tedgenica at Tselegyun Neoscona tedgenica Tselegiun
53.Neoscona tedgenica in town Makhatshkala, first record in Russia and the Caucasus Neoscona tedgenica Makhatshkala
54.Nurscia albosignata at Tselegyun Nurscia albosignata Tselegiun
55.Olios sericeus at Makhatshkala Olios sericeus Makhatshkala
56.Ozyptila atomaria at Makhatshkala Ozyptila atomaria Makhatshkala
57.Pachygnatha clercki at Makhatshkala Pachygnatha clercki Makhatshkala
58.Pardosa paracholchica at Gasha Pardosa paracolchica Gasha
59.Phaeocedus braccatus at Makhatshkala Phaeocedus braccatus Makhatshkala
60.Pirata hurkai in Khiv rayon Piratula hurkai Khiv
61.Pistius truncatus at Makhatshkala Pistius truncatus Makhatshkala
62.Pseudeuophrys obsoleta at Tselegyun Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Tselegiun
63.Selimus [sic] vittatus at Gasha Anelosimus vittatus Gasha
64.Sitticus relictarius at Gasha Hypositticus relictarius Gasha
65.Steatoda meridionalis at Gasha Asagena meridionalis Gasha
66.Steatoda meridionalis at Madzhalis Asagena meridionalis Madzhalis
67.Talanites fagei at Makhatshkala Talanites fagei Makhatshkala
68.Trachyzelotes malkini at Great Turali Lake Trachyzelotes malkini Great Turali Lake
69.Trachyzelotes malkini at Makhatshkala Trachyzelotes malkini Makhatshkala
70.Trachyzelotes pedestris at Makhatshkala Trachyzelotes pedestris Makhatshkala
71.Xysticus laetus at Great Turali Lake Xysticus laetus Great Turali Lake
72.Zelotes petrensis at Gasha Zelotes petrensis Gasha
73.Zelotes petrensis at Makhatshkala Zelotes petrensis Makhatshkala
74.Zodarion cyprium at Tselegyun Zodarion thoni Tselegiun
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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