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Dysdera (Dysderidae)
List of species with records in the Caucasus:

# Species Records Determination Link Comment
1. Dysdera dunini Deeleman-Reinhold, 198861Home
2. Dysdera crocata C. L. Koch, 183850Home
3. Dysdera azerbajdzhanica Charitonov, 195631Home
4. Dysdera hungarica Kulczynski, 189730Homecf. Dysdera atra Mcheidze, 1979.
5. Dysdera meschetiensis Mkheidze, 197918Home
6. Dysdera martensi Dunin, 199116Home
7. Dysdera borealicaucasica Dunin, 199115Home
8. Dysdera lata Wider, 183415Home
9. Dysdera spasskyi Charitonov, 195613Home
10. Dysdera bogatschevi Dunin, 199010Home
11. Dysdera concinna L. Koch, 187810Home
12. Dysdera ukrainensis Charitonov, 19569Home
13. Dysdera richteri Charitonov, 19569Home
14. Dysdera daghestanica Dunin, 19917HomeRecords in Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009) refer to D. borealicaucasica.
15. Dysdera raddei Dunin, 1990 6Home
16. Dysdera karabachica Dunin, 19906Home
17. Dysdera bidentata Dunin, 19906Home
18. Dysdera ghilarovi Dunin, 19876Home
19. Dysdera satunini Dunin, 19905Home
20. Dysdera tbilisiensis Mkheidze, 19795Home
21. Dysdera incognita Dunin, 19915Home
22. Dysdera collucata Dunin, 19914Home
23. Dysdera armenica Charitonov, 19563Home
24. Dysdera charitonowi Mkheidze, 19793Home
25. Dysdera gmelini Dunin, 19913Home
26. Dysdera inopinata Dunin, 19913Home
27. Dysdera imeretiensis Mkheidze, 19792Home
28. Dysdera mazini Dunin, 19912Home
29. Dysdera longirostris Doblika, 18531Home
List of species with doubtful records in the Caucasus:
# Species Determination Link Comment
1. Dysdera erythrina (Walckenaer, 1802)HomeAccording to Kovblyuk et al. (2001: 28) all records of D. erythrina from the Caucasus are based on misidentifications. See also comments in Dunin (1992:71).

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