New Database Version 02.2022

After about one and a half years it is about time for a new database update. Here it is!

A new feature in the checklists is the possibility to call checklists for certain regions and not only countries, e.g. Abkhazia, North Caucasus and South Ossetia now. Let me know if you want to see more specific regions or areas there, like protected areas for example: Lagodekhi National Park. Also, country and region checklists are now structured just as the Caucasus Checklist, meaning the checklist includes only species with verified status and a Blacklist below with the species of doubtful status.

Other changes include fixed mistakes, e.g. correctly linking Microdipoena jobi to Mysmenidae and updated taxonomy (e.g. in Agelescape, Persiscape). Thanks to Theo Blick, Yuri Marusik, Dmitri Logunov and others for pointing this out to me. It helps a lot!

As always: Please keep informing me about newly published or older literature which needs to be included in the database and point out any mistakes you found. I appreciate it very much!

The following updates to species records have been made in version 02.2022:

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