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Ozyptila (Thomisidae)
List of species with records in the Caucasus:

# Species Records Determination Link Comment
1. Ozyptila trux (Blackwall, 1846)14Home
2. Ozyptila orientalis balkarica Ovtsharenko, 197913HomeMarusik (2008) resurrected O. o. balkarica to subspecies status with a distribution in the Caucasus Major. Ozyptila o. orientalis Kulczynski, 1926 is distributed from the Altai eastwards and Ozyptila o. basegica Esyunin, 1992 occurs in the Urals only.
3. Ozyptila atomaria (Panzer, 1801)13Home
4. Ozyptila lugubris (Kroneberg, 1875)11Home
5. Ozyptila praticola (C. L. Koch, 1837)11Home
6. Ozyptila scabricula (Westring, 1851)8Home
7. Ozyptila pullata (Thorell, 1875)5Home
8. Ozyptila conostyla Hippa et al. 19865Home
9. Ozyptila tricoloripes Strand, 19135Home
10. Ozyptila rigida (O. P.-Cambridge, 1872)3Home
11. Ozyptila dagestana Ponomarev & Dvadnenko, 20113Home
12. Ozyptila mingrelica Mkheidze, 19712Home
13. Ozyptila claveata (Walckenaer, 1837)2Home
14. Ozyptila rauda Simon, 18752Home
List of species with doubtful records in the Caucasus:
# Species Determination Link Comment

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