Genus Page

Tegenaria (Agelenidae)
List of species with records in the Caucasus:

# Species Records Determination Link Comment
1. Tegenaria domestica (Clerck, 1757)82Home
2. Tegenaria parietina (Fourcroy, 1785)17Home
3. Tegenaria abchasica Charitonov, 1941 11Home
4. Tegenaria agrestis (Walckenaer, 1802)10Home
5. Tegenaria pagana C. L. Koch, 18408Home
6. Tegenaria longimana Simon, 18988Home
7. Tegenaria campestris C. L. Koch, 18346Home
8. Tegenaria ismaillensis Guseinov et al., 20055Home
9. Tegenaria chumachenkoi Kovblyuk & Ponomarev, 20085Home
10. Tegenaria pontica Charitonov, 19473Home
11. Tegenaria halidi Guseinov et al., 20052Home
12. Tegenaria zagatalensis Guseinov et al., 20051Home
13. Tegenaria talyshica Guseinov et al., 20051Home
14. Tegenaria taurica Charitonov, 19471Home
15. Tegenaria adomestica Guseinov, Marusik & Koponen, 20051Home
List of species with doubtful records in the Caucasus:
# Species Determination Link Comment

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