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Drassodes (Gnaphosidae)
List of species with records in the Caucasus:

# Species Records Determination Link Comment
1. Drassodes lapidosus (Walckenaer, 1802)89Home
2. Drassodes pubescens (Thorell, 1856)28Home
3. Drassodes dagestanus Ponomarev & Alieva, 200813Home
4. Drassodes caspius Ponomarev & Tsvetkov, 20066Home
5. Drassodes lutescens (C. L. Koch, 1839)4Home
6. Drassodes cupreus (Blackwall, 1834)3Home
7. Drassodes villosus (Thorell, 1856)2Home
8. Drassodes albicans (Simon, 1878)2Home
9. Drassodes platnicki Song, Zhu & Zhang, 20041Home
10. Drassodes archibensis Ponomarev & Alieva, 20081Home
11. Drassodes chybyndensis Esyunin & Tuneva, 2001Home
List of species with doubtful records in the Caucasus:
# Species Determination Link Comment

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