Genus Page

Tenuiphantes (Linyphiidae)
List of species with records in the Caucasus:

# Species Records Determination Link Comment
1. Tenuiphantes mengei (Kulczynski, 1887)91HomeT. mengei can easily be confused with T. perseus (cf. Tanasevitch 2009).
2. Tenuiphantes tenuis (Blackwall, 1852)29Home
3. Tenuiphantes contortus (Tanasevitch, 1986)21Home
4. Tenuiphantes morosus (Tanasevitch, 1987)10Home
5. Tenuiphantes perseus (van Helsdingen, 1977)9HomeT. perseus can easily be confused with T. mengei (cf. Tanasevitch 2009).
6. Tenuiphantes aequalis (Tanasevitch, 1987)7Home
7. Tenuiphantes teberdaensis Tanasevitch, 20105Home
8. Tenuiphantes flavipes (Blackwall, 1854)3Home
9. Tenuiphantes cristatus (Menge, 1866)2Home
List of species with doubtful records in the Caucasus:
# Species Determination Link Comment

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