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Harpactea (Dysderidae)
List of species with records in the Caucasus:

# Species Records Determination Link Comment
1. Harpactea logunovi Dunin, 199230Home
2. Harpactea caucasia (Kulczynski, 1895)27Home
3. Harpactea rubicunda (C. L. Koch, 1838)12Home
4. Harpactea modesta Dunin, 199110Home
5. Harpactea eskovi Dunin, 19899Home
6. Harpactea zaitzevi Charitonov, 19569Home
7. Harpactea azerbajdzhanica Dunin, 1991 7Home
8. Harpactea nenilini Dunin, 19896Home
9. Harpactea secunda Dunin, 19896Home
10. Harpactea spasskyi Dunin, 19926Home
11. Harpactea deelemanae Dunin, 19895Home
12. Harpactea indistincta Dunin, 19915Home
13. Harpactea nachitschevanica Dunin, 19915Home
14. Harpactea martensi Dunin, 19914Home
15. Harpactea karabachica Dunin, 19914Home
16. Harpactea paradoxa Dunin, 19924Home
17. Harpactea armenica Dunin, 18893Home
18. Harpactea hyrcanica Dunin, 19913Home
19. Harpactea talyschica Dunin, 19913Home
20. Harpactea golovatchi Dunin, 19892Home
21. Harpactea camenarum Brignoli, 19772Home
22. Harpactea vagabunda Dunin, 19912Home
23. Harpactea buchari Dunin, 19912Home
24. Harpactea achsuensis Dunin, 19912Home
25. Harpactea zjuzini Dunin, 19912Home
26. Harpactea mithridatis Brignoli, 19792Home
27. Harpactea dashdamirovi Dunin, 19931Home
28. Harpactea mcheidzeae Dunin, 19921Home
List of species with doubtful records in the Caucasus:
# Species Determination Link Comment
1. Harpactea charitonowi Mkheidze, 1972HomeNomen dubium in WSC 16.

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