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Ozyptila conostyla Hippa et al. 1986

Record Map:
Family: : Thomisidae
Genus: : Ozyptila

North Caucasus

common species, 5 record(s)

Determination Link:
# Original Records Location Publication Comment
1.Ozyptila conostyla near Brut Brut Ponomarev & Komarov (2013)
2.39759: Oxiptila conostyla Georgia Gegechkori et al. (2005b)
3.33715: Oxyptila conostyla Lagodekhi Reserve Marusik (1989)
4.33716: Oxyptila conostyla Pirkuli Marusik (1989)
5.Ozyptila conostyla at Rochugel in Zakataly District Zakataly Marusik (2008)
# Cited Records Location Original Publication Citing Publication
1.21711: Ozyptila conostyla Caucasus citation missing view citing publication
2.40131: Ozyptila conostyla Caucasus Marusik (1989) view citing publication
3.21713: Ozyptila conostyla Georgia citation missing view citing publication
4.21714: Ozyptila conostyla Azerbaijan citation missing view citing publication
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