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Mcheidze, T. (1941): Spiders distributed in Georgia [in Georgian]. Proc. Univ. Tbilissi, 21.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Araneus diadematus Cl. var. stellatus C. L. K. near Devdorak Araneus diadematus Devdorak Glacier
2.Araneus diadematus Cl. var. stellatus C. L. K. near Kuri (Kazbegi) Araneus diadematus Kazbegi
3.Araneus diadematus Cl. var. stellatus C. L. K. near Sioni Araneus diadematus Sioni (Kazbegi)
4.Arctosa tbilisiensis at Karaia (Gardabani) Arctosa tbilisiensis Gardabani
5.Arctosa tbilisiensis at Tbilisi Arctosa tbilisiensis Tbilisi
6.Asagena fagei in Telavi Rayon Asagena fagei Telavi
7.Clubiona mcheidzeae at Gori Clubiona mcheidzea Gori (Georgia)
8.Clubiona mcheidzeae at Zeda Khviti Clubiona mcheidzea Zemo Khviti
9.Drassodes lapidosus W. var. caucasica in Tbilisi Rayon Drassodes lapidosus Tbilisi
10.Oxyptila baudueri at Tbilisi Xysticus cribratus Tbilisi
11.Pardosa arenicola O. C. var. pseudomonticola Sim. in Lagodekhi on Ninigori Mt. at 2200 m asl Pardosa agricola Ninigori Mt.
12.Pardosa berlandiane [sic] in Lagodekhi Pardosa berlandiana Lagodekhi Reserve
13.Pardosa caraiensis at Karaia (Gardabani) Pardosa pontica Gardabani
14.Pardosa colchica in Dzhapana Pardosa colchica Dzhapana
15.Pardosa kolosvariana at Sakara (Zestaponi Rayon) Pardosa kolosvariana Sakara
16.Pardosa lagodechiensis in Lagodekhi on Ninigori Mt. at 2400 m asl Pardosa lagodechiensis Ninigori Mt.
17.Pardosa monticola ambigula Sim. at Kobuleti Pardosa monticola Kobuleti
18.Pardosa torentum [sic] at Gergeti at 2100 m asl Pardosa torrentum Gergeti
19.Salticus mutabilis at Kelasuri Salticus mutabilis Kelasuri
20.Salticus mutabilis at Sukhumi Salticus mutabilis Sukhumi
21.Siclosa [sic] sierrae at Dzhvarpatiosani Cyclosa sierrae Dzhvarpatiosani
22.Siclosa [sic] sierrae at Tsivi (Telavi) Cyclosa sierrae Mt. Tsivi
23.Talanites atscharica near Batumi Talanites atscharicus Batumi
24.Tarentula cursor H. var. simonoides in Tbilisi Rayon Alopecosa cursor Tbilisi
25.Thanatus liniatipes [sic] at Tbilisi Thanatus lineatipes Tbilisi
26.Tibellus macelus [sic] S. subsp. georgica in Tbilisi Rayon Tibellus macellus Tbilisi
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