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Pichka, V. E. (1965): On the spider fauna of the caves in western Transcaucasia [O faune paukov peschcher Zapadnovo Zakavkazja]. Zool. Zh. Moscow, 44: 1190-1196.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.33775: Iberina ljovuschkini Iberina ljovuschkini Shakalya Cave (Rayon Ashe)
2.33776: Nesticus birsteini Carpathonesticus birsteini Vorontsovskaya Cave
3.33777: Nesticus birsteini Carpathonesticus birsteini Agur Shaft
4.33778: Nesticus birsteini Carpathonesticus birsteini Akhun Cave (Akhun Mt.)
5.33779: Nesticus birsteini Carpathonesticus birsteini Beloskalskaya Cave (Khosta River)
6.33780: Nesticus birsteini Carpathonesticus birsteini Vorontsovskaya Cave
7.33781: Nesticus birsteini Carpathonesticus birsteini Dolgaya Cave
8.33782: Nesticus ljovuschkini Carpathonesticus ljovuschkini Shakalya Cave (Rayon Ashe)
9.33783: Nesticus ponticus Aituaria pontica Agur Shaft
10.33784: Nesticus ponticus Aituaria pontica Psakho Cave (Kudepsta tributary)
11.33785: Nesticus ponticus Aituaria pontica Upper Mzymta Cave (Sochi)
12.33786: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Tsebelda Cave
13.33787: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Upper Shakuranskaya Cave
14.33788: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Golova Atara Cave
15.33789: Troglohyphantes birsteini Troglohyphantes birsteini Vorontsovskaya Cave
16.33790: Troglohyphantes birsteini Troglohyphantes birsteini Labyrinth Cave
17.33791: Troglohyphantes birsteini Troglohyphantes birsteini Upper Mzymta Cave (Sochi)
18.33792: Troglohyphantes birsteini Troglohyphantes birsteini cave at Kamenka River (Krasnaya Polyana)
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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