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Charitonov, D. E. (1947): Spiders and harvestmen from the caves of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus [in Russian]. Biospeologica sovietica, 52: 15-28.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.33559: Tegenaria abchasica Tegenaria abchasica Kelasuri Cave
2.33560: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes Stalactite Cave (Tsqaltubo)
3.33561: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes New Cave (Tskhaltubo)
4.33562: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes Sataple Cave (Kutaissi)
5.33563: Nesticus borutzkyi Carpathonesticus borutzkyi Rioni Cave (Kutaissi)
6.33564: Nesticus borutzkyi Carpathonesticus borutzkyi Sataple Cave (Kutaissi)
7.33565: Nesticus borutzkyi Carpathonesticus borutzkyi New Cave (Tskhaltubo)
8.33566: Nesticus borutzkyi Carpathonesticus borutzkyi Stalactite Cave (Tsqaltubo)
9.33567: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Adsaba Cave
10.33568: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Kelasuri Cave
11.33569: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi cave near Mikhailovskaja
12.33570: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Rodnik Cave near Venetian Bridge
13.33571: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Avonskaja Cave (Abkhazia)
14.33572: Episinus truncatus Episinus truncatus Adsaba Cave
15.33573: Meta bourneti Meta bourneti Adsaba Cave
16.33574: Meta bourneti Meta bourneti Kelasuri Cave
17.33575: Meta merianae Metellina merianae Adsaba Cave
18.33576: Meta merianae Metellina merianae Kelasuri Cave
19.33577: Tegenaria pontica Tegenaria pontica Phanagoria Cave
20.33578: Cybaeus abchasicus Cybaeus abchasicus Tarkiladze Cave
21.33580: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes cave near Tskhaltubo
22.33581: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes cave near Kutaissi
23.33582: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes Upper Mzymta Cave (Sochi)
24.33583: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes Likhny Cave (Gudauti)
25.33584: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes Schirokopokosskaja Cave
26.33585: Holocnemus longipes Hoplopholcus longipes Agumava Cave (Gudauti)
27.33587: Nesticus ponticus Aituaria pontica Upper Mzymta Cave (Sochi)
28.33588: Nesticus ponticus Aituaria pontica Tarkiladze Cave
29.33589: Nesticus caucasicus Carpathonesticus caucasicus Anysh Cave (Gudauti)
30.33590: Nesticus caucasicus Carpathonesticus caucasicus Tshlakhe Cave (Gudauti)
31.33591: Nesticus caucasicus Carpathonesticus caucasicus Agumava Cave (Gudauti)
32.33592: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Upper Andrejevskaja Cave
33.33593: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Adsaba Cave
34.33594: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Rodnik Cave near Venetian Bridge
35.33595: Nesticus zaitzevi Carpathonesticus zaitzevi Golova Atara Cave
36.33596: Nesticus birsteini Carpathonesticus birsteini Mokraya Khosta Cave (Khosta)
37.33597: Troglohyphantes birsteini Troglohyphantes birsteini Upper Mzymta Cave (Sochi)
38.33598: Troglohyphantes birsteini Troglohyphantes birsteini Lower Mzymta Cave (Sochi)
39.33599: Meta merianae Metellina merianae Phanagoria Cave
40.33600: Meta merianae Metellina merianae Schirokopokosskaja Cave
41.33601: Meta merianae Metellina merianae Tarkiladze Cave
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