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Schmidt, P. (1895): Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Laufspinnen (Araneae Citigradae Thor.) Russlands. Zool. Jahrb. Syst., 8: 439-484.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.33793: Oxyopes lineatus Oxyopes lineatus Alazani near Lagodekhi
2.33794: Oxyopes lineatus Oxyopes lineatus Nakhichevan
3.33795: Ocyale mirabilis Pisaura mirabilis Nalchik
4.33796: Dolomedes fimbriatus Dolomedes fimbriatus Poti
5.33798: Lycosa singoriensis Lycosa singoriensis Georgia
6.33801: Lycosa narbonensis Lycosa narbonensis Tbilisi
7.33804: Lycosa piochardi Lycosa piochardi Nakhichevan
8.33805: Lycosa nordmanni Lycosa praegrandis Tbilisi
9.33806: Lycosa nordmanni Lycosa praegrandis Caucasus
10.33807: Lycosa radiata liguriensis Hogna radiata Zheleznovodsk
11.33808: Lycosa radiata liguriensis Hogna radiata Tbilisi
12.33809: Lycosa radiata liguriensis Hogna radiata Caucasus
13.33810: Lycosa vultuosa Geolycosa vultuosa Tbilisi
14.33811: Lycosa vultuosa Geolycosa vultuosa Tbilisi
15.33812: Lycosa vultuosa Geolycosa vultuosa Alazani near Lagodekhi
16.33813: Lycosa pastoralis Alopecosa alpicola Aresh (Adygea)
17.33814: Lycosa albofasciata Alopecosa albofasciata Tusheti
18.33815: Lycosa albofasciata Alopecosa albofasciata Lagodekhi Reserve
19.33816: Lycosa ruricola Trochosa ruricola Aresh (Adygea)
20.33817: Lycosa ruricola Trochosa ruricola Sukhumi
21.33818: Lycosa terricola Trochosa terricola Lagodekhi Reserve
22.33819: Lycosa cuneata Alopecosa cuneata Caucasus
23.33820: Lycosa perita Arctosa perita Aresh (Adygea)
24.33821: Lycosa miniata Xerolycosa miniata Aresh (Adygea)
25.33822: Lycosa cinerea Arctosa cinerea Lagodekhi Reserve
26.33823: Pardosa palustris Pardosa palustris Aresh (Adygea)
27.33824: Pardosa herbigrada Pardosa palustris Aresh (Adygea)
28.33825: Pardosa orientalis Pardosa nebulosa Aresh (Adygea)
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