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Kovblyuk, M. M., Otto, S., Marusik, Y. M., & Ponomarev, A. V. (2012): Redescription of the Caucasian species Geolycosa charitonovi (Mcheidze, 1997) (Araneae: Lycosidae), with the first description of the male. Bull. Br. arach. Soc. 15(8): 245-252PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Geolycosa charitonovi at Khidib Geolycosa charitonovi Khidib
2.Geolycosa charitonovi at Tsekhok Geolycosa charitonovi Tsekhok
3.Geolycosa charitonovi between Lentekhi and Sakdari Geolycosa charitonovi Between Lentekhi and Sakdari
4.Geolycosa charitonovi in Devdorak Valley Geolycosa charitonovi Devdorak Valley (middle part 2)
5.Geolycosa charitonovi in Khiso Valley (SW of Omalo) Geolycosa charitonovi Khiso Valley (SW of Omalo)
6.Geolycosa charitonovi in Stori Valley (N of Letshuri) Geolycosa charitonovi Stori Valley (N of Letshuri)
7.Geolycosa charitonovi in Tshantshakhi Valley (SW of Omalo) Geolycosa charitonovi Tshantshakhi Valley (SW of Omalo)
8.Geolycosa charitonovi in Zagatala Reserve Geolycosa charitonovi Zakataly State Reserve
9.Geolycosa charitonovi N of Ananuri Geolycosa charitonovi Aragvi Valley N of Ananuri
10.Geolycosa charitonovi near Solokhaul Geolycosa charitonovi Solokhaul
11.Geolycosa charitonovi North of Mutso Geolycosa charitonovi North of Mutso
12.Geolycosa charitonovi on Chernorechye Ridge Geolycosa charitonovi Tshernoretshye Ridge
13.Geolycosa charitonovi on Mt. Mamdzyshkha (Gagra Mtn. Range) Geolycosa charitonovi Mt. Mamdzyshkha on Gagra Mtn. Range
14.Geolycosa charitonovi South of Barisakho Geolycosa charitonovi South of Barisakho
15.Geolycosa charitonovi SW of Shatili Geolycosa charitonovi SW of Shatili
16.Geolycosa vultuosa at Gelendzhik (Mt. Betta) Geolycosa vultuosa Gelendzhik
17.Geolycosa vultuosa at Verkhnee Kazanische Geolycosa vultuosa Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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