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Azarkina, G. (2003): New and poorly known Palaearctic species of the genus Phlegra Simon, 1876 (Araneae, Salticidae). Revue arachnol., 14: 73-108.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Amburdara Phlegra cinereofasciata Amburdara
2.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Derbent Phlegra cinereofasciata Derbent
3.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Dyugyakh Phlegra cinereofasciata Digyakh
4.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Gazakh Phlegra cinereofasciata Kazakh
5.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Gokhmukh (Shemakha) Phlegra cinereofasciata Gokhmukh (Shemakha)
6.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Gosmalyan Phlegra cinereofasciata Gosmalyan
7.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Kelokhan Phlegra cinereofasciata Kelokhan
8.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Keltsor (Nakhchivan) Phlegra cinereofasciata Keltsor
9.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Kyalvaz Phlegra cinereofasciata Kalvaz
10.Phlegra cinereofasciata at Sevan Lake Phlegra cinereofasciata Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
11.Phlegra dunini holotype female at Sadarak Phlegra dunini Sadarak
12.Phlegra fasciata at Bakuriani Phlegra fasciata Bakuriani
13.Phlegra fasciata at Gaftoni Phlegra fasciata Gaftoni
14.Phlegra fasciata at Oguz (Vartashen) Phlegra fasciata Oguz (Vartashena)
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