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Location Name Comments, alternative names ... Area Country Region
Itum-Kale Chechnya ChechnyaNorth Caucasus

Geoinformation on this Location

Latitude Longitude This Location at ...
42.7367370° N45.5742420° E
# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Enoplognatha latimana at Itum-Kale Theridiidae Enoplognatha latimana Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
2.Enoplognatha ovata at Itum-Kale Theridiidae Enoplognatha ovata Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
3.Metellina segmentata at Itum-Kale Tetragnathidae Metellina segmentata Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
4.Araneus diadematus at Itum-Kale Araneidae Araneus diadematus Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
5.Neoscona adianta at Itum-Kale Araneidae Neoscona adianta Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
6.Pardosa agrestis at Itum-Kale Lycosidae Pardosa agrestis Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
7.Pardosa buchari at Itum-Kale Lycosidae Pardosa buchari Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
8.Pardosa incertaat at Itum-Kale Lycosidae Pardosa incerta Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
9.Pardosa paludicola at Itum-Kale Lycosidae Pardosa paludicola Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
10.Pardosa pirkuliensis at Itum-Kale Lycosidae Pardosa pirkuliensis Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
11.Pardosa pontica at Itum-Kale Lycosidae Pardosa pontica Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
12.Xerolycosa miniata at Itum-Kale Lycosidae Xerolycosa miniata Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
13.Zelotes subterraneus at Itum-Kale Gnaphosidae Zelotes subterraneus Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
14.Ebrehtella [sic] tricuspidata at Itum-Kale Thomisidae Ebrechtella tricuspidata Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
15.Misumena vatia at Itum-Kale Thomisidae Misumena vatia Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
16.Synema globosum at Itum-Kale Thomisidae Synema globosum Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
17.Xysticus crisratus [sic] at Itum-Kale Thomisidae Xysticus cristatus Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
18.Xysticus kochi at Itum-Kale Thomisidae Xysticus kochi Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
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