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Ritsa Lake Ritsa Lake GeorgiaTranscaucasus

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43.4592500° N40.5402400° E
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# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.35182: Diplocephalus latifrons Linyphiidae Diplocephalus latifrons Tanasevitch (1990)
2.35263: Gonatium rubens Linyphiidae Gonatium rubens Tanasevitch (1990)
3.Gongylidiellum murcidum, misident. (see Tanasevitch (2011)) Linyphiidae Gongylidiellum vivum Tanasevitch (1990)
4.35312: Maso sundevalli Linyphiidae Maso sundevalli Tanasevitch (1990)
5.34942: Microneta viaria Linyphiidae Microneta viaria Tanasevitch (1990)
6.34829: Lepthyphantes mengei Linyphiidae Tenuiphantes mengei Tanasevitch (1990)
7.37375: Pardosa monticola Lycosidae Pardosa monticola Mcheidze (1997)
8.37424: Pirata hurkai Lycosidae Pirata hurkai Mcheidze (1997)
9.36854: Chiracanthium mildei Miturgidae Cheiracanthium mildei Mcheidze (1997)
10.Philodromus poecilus at Ritsa Lake Philodromidae Philodromus poecilus Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
11.36667: Runcinia lateralis Thomisidae Runcinia grammica Mcheidze (1997)
12.36629: Thomisus onustus Thomisidae Thomisus onustus Mcheidze (1997)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
1.37939: Pirata hurkai Lycosidae Pirata hurkai Buchar (1966) view citing publication ...
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