New Database Version 8.2018

All distribution maps are updated in Version 8.2018.

Version 8.2018 of the Caucasian Spiders Database now contains the records of a number of old and new publications:

1. Zonstein et al. (2018) revised the genus Raveniola in the Caucasus,

2. Otto & Japoshvili (2018) updated the checklist of spiders in Lagodekhi,

3. Shafaie et al. (2018): added a number of records for Pardosa colchica and P. pontica in Azerbaijan,

4. Dunin (1988) recorded a number of mygalomorphic spiders,

5. Spassky (1937) described a mygalomorphic spider species from the Caucaus.

6. A number of species of Dictynidae were studied by Marusik et al. (2015), Marusik & Koponen (2017) and Marusik et al. (2017),

8. All records of Hyptiotes gerhardti revalidated and all records of H. paradoxus and H. flavidus from NW-coast of the Black Sea attributed to this species, cf. Wiehle (1964), Wunderlich (2008) and Wunderlich (2017),

9. One record from a cave survey in Abkhazia by Ljovushkin (1966),

10. Some taxonomic changes, e.g. in the families Salticidae (e.g. genera Sittiflor, Sittipub etc.) and in Thomisidae (genus Bassaniana).

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