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Muster, C. (2009): Phylogenetic relationships within Philodromidae, with a taxonomic revision of Philodromus subgenus Artanes in the western Palearctic (Arachnida: Araneae). Invertebrate Systematics 23, 135-169.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Philodromus femurostriatus in Adana, Uskiyen mountain pass Philodromus femurostriatus Adana, Uskiyen mountain pass, S Feke
2.Philodromus femurostriatus in Fethiye, holotype Philodromus femurostriatus Fethiye (Mugla, Telmessos)
3.Philodromus femurostriatus in Namrun, Mersin Philodromus femurostriatus Namrun (Mersin)
4.Philodromus margaritatus in Turkey (Ressl 18/44) Philodromus margaritatus Turkey
5.Philodromus pentheri in Apo (Lenkoran), N 38°38', E 48°47', holotype Philodromus pentheri Apo (Lenkoran)
6.Philodromus pentheri in Lenkoran Philodromus pentheri Lenkoran (County)
7.Philodromus pentheri in North Albania Philodromus pentheri Albania
8.Philodromus pinetorum between Gülnar and Ermenek, Taurus Mts. Philodromus pinetorum between Gülnar and Ermenek
9.Philodromus pinetorum in Dodurga, Mugla Philodromus pinetorum Dodurga (Mugla)
10.Philodromus pinetorum in Kizilcahamam Philodromus pinetorum Kizilcahamam (Ankara)
11.Philodromus pinetorum in Mugla, Fethiye (Telmessos), N 36°37', E 29°07', holotype Philodromus pinetorum Fethiye (Mugla, Telmessos)
12.Philodromus pinetorum in Namrun, Mersin (first record) Philodromus pinetorum Namrun (Mersin)
13.Philodromus pinetorum in Namrun, Mersin (second record) Philodromus pinetorum Namrun (Mersin)
14.Philodromus pinetorum in Shadagh Canyon, Uludagh Philodromus pinetorum Uludagh (Shadagh Canyon)
15.Philodromus pinetorum in Smyrne, Izmir Philodromus pinetorum Smyrne
16.Philodromus pinetorum in Termessos, Antalya Philodromus pinetorum Termessos (Antalya)
17.Philodromus pinetorum SW of Yeniyüruk Philodromus pinetorum SW Yeniyüruk
18.Philodromus poecilus in Aksehir, Konya Philodromus poecilus Aksehir (Konya)
19.Philodromus poecilus in Besharyk, Fergana Philodromus poecilus Besharyk (Fergana)
20.Philodromus poecilus in Burdur Philodromus poecilus Burdur
21.Philodromus poecilus in Kargala, Orenburg Philodromus poecilus Kargala (Orenburg)
22.Philodromus poecilus in Manisa Philodromus poecilus Manisa
23.Philodromus poecilus in Margelan, Surxondaryo Philodromus poecilus Margelan (Surxondaryo)
24.Philodromus poecilus in Nicopol, Dnepropetrovsk Philodromus poecilus Nicopol (Dnepropetrovsk)
25.Philodromus poecilus in Nigde Philodromus poecilus Nigde
26.Philodromus poecilus in Üshumush-Tepe Philodromus poecilus Üshumush-Tepe
27.Philodromus poecilus in Valuiki, Belgorod Philodromus poecilus Valuiki (Belgorod)
28.Philodromus poecilus N of Ugurlu, Burdur Philodromus poecilus N Ugurlu (Burdur)
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