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Mikhailov, K.G., Otto, S. & Japoshvili, G. (2017): A new species from the Clubiona caerulescens group from the Caucasus (Araneae: Clubionidae). Zoology of the Middle East 63(4): 362-368.
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Clubiona caucasica at Bash-Layski Clubiona caucasica Bash Layski
2.Clubiona caucasica at Dashanty near Shusha Clubiona caucasica Shusha
3.Clubiona caucasica at Ekheknut Clubiona caucasica Ekheknut
4.Clubiona caucasica at Kirovakan (Vanadzor) Clubiona caucasica Vanadzor
5.Clubiona caucasica at Nadirkhanly Clubiona caucasica Nadirkhanlui
6.Clubiona caucasica at Odzun, W of Alaverdi Clubiona caucasica Odzun
7.Clubiona caucasica at Shubi Clubiona caucasica Shubi-Nykhasskaya Cave
8.Clubiona caucasica at Tamisk Clubiona caucasica Tamisk
9.Clubiona caucasica at Tsakhkavan Clubiona caucasica Tsakhkavan
10.Clubiona caucasica between Idjevan and Berd Clubiona caucasica Ijevan
11.Clubiona caucasica in Algeti State Reserve Clubiona caucasica Algeti National Park
12.Clubiona caucasica in Dilizhan Reserve, Agartsyn Clubiona caucasica Agarutsin
13.Clubiona caucasica in Girdyman-Chay Valley near Ismailly Clubiona caucasica Girdymantshai River
14.Clubiona caucasica in Kharkhvashi E of Nakra Clubiona caucasica Kherkhvashi
15.Clubiona caucasica in Mariamjvari Reserve Clubiona caucasica Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
16.Clubiona caucasica in Navalishinskaya (Muzeynaya) Cave near Sochi Clubiona caucasica Sotshi
17.Clubiona caucasica in Pirkuli Reserve Clubiona caucasica Pirkuli Reserve
18.Clubiona caucasica in Tbilisi National Park, Zedazeni Clubiona caucasica Tbilisi National Park
19.Clubiona caucasica NW of Karjin Clubiona caucasica Kardzhin
20.Clubiona caucasica on Kudigora Mt. in Lagodekhi Reserve Clubiona caucasica Lagodekhi Reserve
21.Clubiona caucasica on Mt. Mashuk Clubiona caucasica Mashuk Mt.
22.Clubiona caucasica on Mtirala Mt. near Korolistavi Mt. Clubiona caucasica Mtirala Mt.
23.Clubiona caucasica on Pushkin Pass on Bazum Mt. Ridge Clubiona caucasica Pushkin Pass
24.Clubiona caucasica SW of Kuba Clubiona caucasica Kuba
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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