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Dunin, P. M. (1991): Spiders of the genus Harpactea in the fauna of Azerbaijan (Aranei, Haplogynae, Dysderidae). Zool. Zh. 70(9), 76-86PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Harpactea achsuensis holotype at Akhsunski Pass Harpactea achsuensis Akhsu
2.Harpactea azerbajdzhanica at Dashalty in Dunin 1991b Harpactea azerbajdzhanica Dashalty
3.Harpactea azerbajdzhanica at Lower Istusi Harpactea azerbajdzhanica Istisu (Kelbajar)
4.Harpactea azerbajdzhanica at Tshilisa Harpactea azerbajdzhanica Tshilisa
5.Harpactea buchari holotype at Bashlaiski Harpactea buchari Bash Layski
6.Harpactea hyrcanica holotype at Istisu near Astara Harpactea hyrcanica Istisu (Astara)
7.Harpactea indistincta at Garakh Harpactea indistincta Garakh
8.Harpactea indistincta holotype at Kuba Harpactea indistincta Kuba
9.Harpactea indistincta near Kuba Harpactea indistincta Kuba
10.Harpactea karabachica at Badara Harpactea karabachica Badara
11.Harpactea karabachica at Drmbon Harpactea karabachica Heyvali
12.Harpactea martensi at Agkemal Harpactea martensi Aghkemal
13.Harpactea martensi at Kutkashena Harpactea martensi Kutkashen
14.Harpactea martensi at Vartashena Harpactea martensi Oguz (Vartashena)
15.Harpactea martensi holotype at Katekhtshai Harpactea martensi Zakataly State Reserve
16.Harpactea modesta at Altyagatsh Harpactea modesta Altyagatsh
17.Harpactea modesta at Khutshni Harpactea modesta Khutshni
18.Harpactea modesta holotype at Nabran Harpactea modesta Nabran
19.Harpactea modesta near Altyagatsh Harpactea modesta Altyagatsh
20.Harpactea nachitschevanica holotype at Bichenek Pass Harpactea nachitschevanica Bichenek Pass
21.Harpactea talyschica holotype at Lenkoran Harpactea talyschica Avrora
22.Harpactea vagabunda holotype at Girdymantshai River near Ismaili Harpactea vagabunda Girdymantshai River
23.Harpactea zjuzini holotype at Upper Dashkesan Harpactea zjuzini Dashkesan
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