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Neriene peltata (Wider, 1834)

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Family: : Linyphiidae
Genus: : Neriene

North Caucasus

abundant species, 37 record(s)

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# Original Records Location Publication Comment
1.Neriene peltata in Gumysta Reserve Gumista Reserve Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
2.Neriene peltata at Small Ritsa Lake Small Ritsa Lake Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
3.Neriene peltata on Gagra Mt. Range Gagra Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
4.Neriene peltata at Verkhniy Karanai Verkhniy Karanai Khalidov & Ponomarev (2008)
5.34263: Neriene peltata Ashgamalakh Tanasevitch (1987a)
6.34982: Neriene peltata Alytsch Tanasevitch (1990)
7.34981: Neriene peltata Turshsu (Shusha) Tanasevitch (1990)
8.34980: Neriene peltata Zakataly Tanasevitch (1990)
9.34979: Neriene peltata Mukhura Tanasevitch (1990)
10.34978: Neriene peltata Tsey Tanasevitch (1990)
11.34977: Neriene peltata Kardzhin Tanasevitch (1990)
12.34976: Neriene peltata Arkhyz Tanasevitch (1990)
13.34985: Neriene peltata Shamshaduin Tanasevitch (1990)
14.34984: Neriene peltata Vanadzor Tanasevitch (1990)
15.34983: Neriene peltata Stepanavan Tanasevitch (1990)
16.34259: Neriene peltata Aishkha Mt. Tanasevitch (1987a)
17.34266: Neriene peltata Pirkuli Tanasevitch (1987a)
18.34258: Neriene peltata Mt. Pseashkho Tanasevitch (1987a)
19.34257: Neriene peltata Guzeripl Tanasevitch (1987a)
20.34262: Neriene peltata Zeraboseli Tanasevitch (1987a)
21.34260: Neriene peltata Tsey Tanasevitch (1987a)
22.34261: Neriene peltata Lagodekhi National Park Tanasevitch (1987a)
23.34264: Neriene peltata Vandam Tanasevitch (1987a)
24.34265: Neriene peltata Chelegir Tanasevitch (1987a)
25.Neriene peltata at Armkhi Armkhi Minoranski (1988)
26.37881: Linyphia peltata Lagodekhi National Park Mcheidze (1997)
27.37880: Linyphia peltata Bakuriani Mcheidze (1997)
28.Neriene peltata at Verkhniy Karanai Verkhniy Karanai Ponomarev & Khalidov (2007b)
29.Neriene peltata on Mt. Dzykhva in Gumysta Reserve Dzykhva Mt. Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
30.Neriene peltata at Khunsakh Khunsakh Ponomarev et al. (2008b)
31.Linyphia (Neriene) peltata between Zagatala-Sheki-Ismaily Sheki Dunin (1989b)
32.Neriene peltata at Nikel Nikel Ponomarev et al. (2012)
33.Neriene peltata at Abago Mt. Abago Ponomarev et al. (2012)
34.Neriene peltata at Dakhovskaya Dakhovskaya Ponomarev et al. (2012)
35.Neriene peltata at Partizanskaya Polyana Partizanskaya Polyana Ponomarev et al. (2012)
36.Neriene peltata on Mt. Malaya Khatipara Mt. Malaya Khatipara Martynovchenko & Mikhailov (2014)
37.Neriene peltata on kordon Guzeripl near Mt. Abago Kordon Guzeripl near Mt. Abago (1800 m) Ponomarev & Chumachenko (2014)
# Cited Records Location Original Publication Citing Publication
1.12109: Neriene peltata Caucasus citation missing view citing publication
2.12110: Neriene peltata Armenian Upland citation missing view citing publication
3.12116: Neriene peltata Georgia citation missing view citing publication
4.12117: Neriene peltata Azerbaijan citation missing view citing publication
5.12118: Neriene peltata Armenia citation missing view citing publication
6.30886: Neriene peltata Caucasus citation missing view citing publication
7.34622: Linyphia peltata Chechnya Minoranski (1988) view citing publication
8.34986: Neriene peltata Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
9.34987: Neriene peltata Tsey Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
10.34988: Neriene peltata Lagodekhi National Park Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
11.34989: Neriene peltata Kintrishi State Reserve Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
12.34990: Neriene peltata Ashgamalakh Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
13.34991: Neriene peltata Chelegir Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
14.34992: Neriene peltata Pirkuli Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
15.34993: Neriene peltata Armkhi Minoranski (1988) view citing publication
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