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Zintsar North Ossetia-Alania North Ossetia-AlaniaNorth Caucasus

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42.8811850° N44.1715970° E
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# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.32911: Dysdera borealicaucasica Dysderidae Dysdera borealicaucasica Dunin (1991a)
2.Dysdera hungarica subalpina at Zintsar Dysderidae Dysdera hungarica Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
3.33042: Dysdera hungarica Dysderidae Dysdera hungarica Dunin (1992a)
4.33183: Harpactea spasskyi Dysderidae Harpactea spasskyi Dunin (1992a)
5.Dipoena braccata at Zintsar Theridiidae Dipoena braccata Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
6.Achaearanea tepidariorum at Zintsar Theridiidae Parasteatoda tepidariorum Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
7.33732: Robertus mediterraneus Theridiidae Robertus mediterraneus Eskov (1987)
8.35037: Sintula oseticus Linyphiidae Sintula oseticus Tanasevitch (1990)
9.Lepthyphantes mengei at Zintsar Linyphiidae Tenuiphantes mengei Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
10.Araniella cucurbitina at ZintsarAraneidae Araniella cucurbitina Trilikauskas & Komarov (2013)
11.Gibbaranea omoeda at ZintsarAraneidae Gibbaranea omoeda Trilikauskas & Komarov (2013)
12.Hypsosinga sanguinea at ZintsarAraneidae Hypsosinga sanguinea Trilikauskas & Komarov (2013)
13.Mangora acalypha at ZintsarAraneidae Mangora acalypha Trilikauskas & Komarov (2013)
14.Nuctenea umbratica at Zintsar Araneidae Nuctenea umbratica Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
15.Pardosa abagensis at Zintsar Lycosidae Pardosa abagensis Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
16.Trochosa robusta at Zintsar Lycosidae Trochosa robusta Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
17.Trochosa robusta at ZintsarLycosidae Trochosa robusta Ponomarev & Komarov (2013)
18.Xerolycosa miniata at Zintsar Lycosidae Xerolycosa miniata Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
19.Agelena labyrinthica at Zintsar Agelenidae Agelena labyrinthica Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
20.Gnaphosa lucifuga at Zintsar Gnaphosidae Gnaphosa lucifuga Ovtsharenko et al. (1992)
21.Gnaphosa steppica at Zintsar Gnaphosidae Gnaphosa steppica Tuneva & Esyunin (2003)
22.Gnaphosa steppica at Zintsar Gnaphosidae Gnaphosa steppica Ovtsharenko et al. (1992)
23.Parasyrisca alexeevi female holotype in Ardon River Valley (Alagir Gorge) opposite of Unal and ZintsarGnaphosidae Parasyrisca alexeevi Ovtsharenko et al. (1995)
24.Zelotes longipes at Zintsar Gnaphosidae Zelotes longipes Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
25.Coriarachne depressa at Zintsar Thomisidae Coriarachne depressa Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
26.Evarcha arcuata between Zinkar and Shubino (Alagir District)Salticidae Evarcha arcuata Logunov (2015)
27.Philaeus chrysops Salticidae Philaeus chrysops Logunov & Rakov (1998)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
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