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Mcheidze, T. (1968b): Study of the Arachnida distributed in the Tkibuli region. Studies of the Tbilisi State University 123, 213-223.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Agelena orientalis at Akhalsopeli Agelena orientalis Akhalsopeli (Tqibuli)
2.Agelena orientalis at Gelati Agelena orientalis Gelati
3.Agelena orientalis at Orpiri Agelena orientalis Orpiri
4.Agelena orientalis at Tqibuli Agelena orientalis Tqibuli
5.Agelena orientalis on Nakerala Pass Pireneitega spasskyi Nakerala Pass
6.Araneus adiantus at Mayakovski Neoscona adianta Baghdati
7.Araneus ceropegius at Tshiatura Aculepeira ceropegia Tshiatura
8.Araneus ceropegius at Zestaponi Aculepeira ceropegia Zestaponi
9.Araneus ceropegius on Nakerala Pass Aculepeira ceropegia Nakerala Pass
10.Araneus ceropegius on Nakerala Pass Aculepeira ceropegia Nakerala Pass
11.Araneus diadematus at Akhalsopeli Tetragnatha extensa Akhalsopeli (Tqibuli)
12.Araneus diadematus at Gelati Araneus diadematus Gelati
13.Araneus diadematus at Gelati Tetragnatha extensa Gelati
14.Araneus diadematus at Kursebi Tetragnatha extensa Kursebi
15.Araneus diadematus at Orpiri Araneus diadematus Orpiri
16.Araneus diadematus at Satsire Araneus diadematus Satsire
17.Araneus diadematus at Tqibuli Araneus diadematus Tqibuli
18.Araneus diadematus at Tsqalsatevi Tetragnatha extensa Tsqalsatevi (Tqibuli)
19.Araneus diadematus on Nakerala Pass Araneus diadematus Nakerala Pass
20.Araneus marmoreus on Nakerala Pass Araneus marmoreus Nakerala Pass
21.Argiope bruennichi at Akhalsopeli Argiope bruennichi Akhalsopeli (Tqibuli)
22.Argiope bruennichi at Tsqalsatevi Argiope bruennichi Tsqalsatevi (Tqibuli)
23.Drassodes lapidosus at Borjomi Drassodes lapidosus Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
24.Drassodes lapidosus near Nakerala Pass Drassodes lapidosus Nakerala Pass
25.Dyctyina [sic] armata in Tqibuli rayon Dictyna armata Tqibuli
26.Dysdera crocata at Adigeni Dysdera crocata Adigeni
27.Dysdera crocata at Gori Dysdera crocata Gori (Georgia)
28.Dysdera crocata at Lagodekhi Dysdera crocata Lagodekhi Reserve
29.Dysdera crocata at Mukhura Dysdera crocata Mukhura
30.Dysdera crocata at Poti Dysdera crocata Poti
31.Dysdera crocata at Tbilisi Dysdera crocata Tbilisi
32.Dysdera crocata in Tshiatura rayon Dysdera crocata Tshiatura
33.Dysdera crocata in Tusheti Dysdera crocata Tusheti
34.Dysdera crocata on Nakerala Pass Dysdera crocata Nakerala Pass
35.Liniphia [sic] frutetorum at Akhalsopeli (Tqibuli) Frontinellina frutetorum Akhalsopeli (Tqibuli)
36.Liniphia [sic] frutetorum at Gelati Frontinellina frutetorum Gelati
37.Lycosa vultuosa at Akhalsopeli Geolycosa vultuosa Akhalsopeli (Tqibuli)
38.Lycosa vultuosa at Kursebi Geolycosa vultuosa Kursebi
39.Lycosa vultuosa at Satsire Geolycosa vultuosa Satsire
40.Lycosa vultuosa at Tqibuli Geolycosa vultuosa Tqibuli
41.Micrommata virescens at Gelati Micrommata virescens Gelati
42.Micrommata virescens at Kursebi Micrommata virescens Kursebi
43.Micrommata virescens at Mayakovski Micrommata virescens Baghdati
44.Micrommata virescens at Samgori Micrommata virescens Samgori (Tbilisi)
45.Micrommata virescens at Zestaponi Micrommata virescens Zestaponi
46.Narpactes [sic] caucasius at Satsire Harpactea caucasia Satsire
47.Pardosa agrestis at Bakuriani Pardosa agrestis Bakuriani
48.Pardosa agrestis at Kazbegi Pardosa agrestis Kazbegi
49.Pardosa agrestis at Kharagauli Pardosa agrestis Kharagauli
50.Pardosa agrestis at Mestia Pardosa agrestis Mestia
51.Pardosa agrestis at Nakerala Pass Pardosa agrestis Nakerala Pass
52.Pardosa agrestis near Tshiatura Pardosa agrestis Tshiatura
53.Pardosa agrestis on Mamisoni Pass Pardosa agrestis Mamison Pass
54.Pardosa agrestis on Surami Pass Pardosa agrestis Surami Pass
55.Philodromus aureolus at Gelati Philodromus aureolus Gelati
56.Pholcus phalangioides in Tqibuli rayon Pholcus phalangioides Tqibuli
57.Pholcus phalangioides in Tshiatura Pholcus phalangioides Tshiatura
58.Segestria bavarica at Tqibuli Segestria bavarica Tqibuli
59.Segestria bavarica on Nakerala Pass Segestria bavarica Nakerala Pass
60.Segestria senoculata at Ambrolauri Segestria senoculata Ambrolauri
61.Segestria senoculata at Batumi Segestria senoculata Batumi
62.Segestria senoculata at Gelati Segestria senoculata Gelati
63.Segestria senoculata at Gori Segestria senoculata Gori (Georgia)
64.Segestria senoculata at Keda Segestria senoculata Keda
65.Segestria senoculata at Nakerala Segestria senoculata Keda
66.Tegenaria campestris at Gelati Tegenaria campestris Gelati
67.Tegenaria campestris at Motsameta Tegenaria campestris Motsameta
68.Tegenaria derhami at Bueti Tegenaria domestica Bueti
69.Tegenaria derhami at Leghva Tegenaria domestica Leghva
70.Tegenaria derhami at Orpiri Tegenaria domestica Orpiri
71.Tegenaria derhami at Tqibuli Tegenaria domestica Tqibuli
72.Teutana castanea in Tqibuli rayon Steatoda castanea Tqibuli
73.Theridium tepidariorum at Gelati Parasteatoda tepidariorum Gelati
74.Theridium tepidariorum in Tqibuli rayon Parasteatoda tepidariorum Tqibuli
75.Xysticus cristatus at Gelati Xysticus cristatus Gelati
76.Xysticus cristatus at Tqibuli Xysticus cristatus Tqibuli
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