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Frontinellina frutetorum (C. L. Koch, 1834)

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Family: : Linyphiidae
Genus: : Frontinellina

North Caucasus

very abundant species, 86 record(s)

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# Original Records Location Publication Comment
1.Frontinellina frutetorum at Sochi Sotshi Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
2.Linyphia frutetorum at Khosta Khosta Spassky (1937a)
3.Frontinellina frutetorum at Tselegyun Tselegiun Ponomarev & Alieva (2010)
4.34110: Frontinellina frutetorum Maikop Tanasevitch (1987a)
5.34109: Frontinellina frutetorum Mt. Tshugush Tanasevitch (1987a)
6.34108: Frontinellina frutetorum Guzeripl Tanasevitch (1987a)
7.34111: Frontinellina frutetorum Adler Tanasevitch (1987a)
8.Linyphia frutetorum at Sayasan Sayasan Minoranski (1988)
9.Linyphia frutetorum at Sotshi Sotshi Spassky (1937a)
10.Linyphia frutetorum at Gelendzhik Gelendzhik Spassky (1937a)
11.Frontinellina frutetorum at Gasha Gasha Ponomarev & Alieva (2010)
12.Frontinellina frutetorum at Gasha Gasha Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2011)
13.Frontinellina frutetorum at Tselyagiun Tselegiun Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2011)
14.Frontinellina frutetorum in Karachay-Cherkessia Karachai-Cherkessia Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
15.Frontinellina frutetorum at Nizhniy Kazanishtshe Nizhneye Kazanishtshe Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
16.Frontinellina frutetorum in Vodopadnaya Valley (Bolshoi Utrish) Vodopadnaya Valley (Bolshoi Utrish) Ponomarev & Volkova (2013)
17.Frontinellina frutetorum at Dakhovskaya Dakhovskaya Ponomarev et al. (2012)
18.Frontinellina frutetorum near Bad Bad Ponomarev & Komarov (2013)
19.Frontinellina frutetorum on Kasarskoe Pass Kasarskoe Pass Ponomarev & Komarov (2013)
20.Liniphia [sic] frutetorum at Gelati Gelati Mcheidze (1968b)
21.Frontinellina frutetorum in Tbilisi Tbilisi Pkhakadze (2006)
22.Frontinellina frutetorum at Bagramany [sic] Bagmarany Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
23.Frontinellina frutetorum in Lenkoran Area Lenkoran (City) Guseinov (1999b)
24.34119: Frontinellina frutetorum Pirkuli Tanasevitch (1987a)
25.38871: Liniphia frutetorum Kwareli Mcheidze (1964)
26.38856: Liniphia frutetorum Bakhmaro Mcheidze (1964)
27.34115: Frontinellina frutetorum Sheki Tanasevitch (1987a)
28.34112: Frontinellina frutetorum Hyrkan State Reserve Tanasevitch (1987a)
29.38867: Liniphia frutetorum Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Mcheidze (1964)
30.38851: Liniphia frutetorum Mtsvane Kontskhi Mcheidze (1964)
31.34761: Frontinellina frutetorum Zakataly Tanasevitch (1990)
32.38855: Liniphia frutetorum Tshokhatauri Mcheidze (1964)
33.34762: Frontinellina frutetorum location in Turiantshai reserve Tanasevitch (1990)
34.38863: Liniphia frutetorum Akhaltsikhe Mcheidze (1964)
35.38870: Liniphia frutetorum Tsinandali Mcheidze (1964)
36.38874: Liniphia frutetorum Tbilisi Mcheidze (1964)
37.34113: Frontinellina frutetorum Lagodekhi Reserve Tanasevitch (1987a)
38.34117: Frontinellina frutetorum Kashkachay Tanasevitch (1987a)
39.34116: Frontinellina frutetorum Kalinjak Tanasevitch (1987a)
40.34114: Frontinellina frutetorum Vandam Tanasevitch (1987a)
41.34118: Frontinellina frutetorum Umudlu Tanasevitch (1987a)
42.38860: Liniphia frutetorum Khotevi Mcheidze (1964)
43.38859: Liniphia frutetorum Mamison Pass Mcheidze (1964)
44.38858: Liniphia frutetorum Oni Mcheidze (1964)
45.38864: Liniphia frutetorum Tshvinta Mcheidze (1964)
46.38862: Liniphia frutetorum Mestia Mcheidze (1964)
47.38861: Liniphia frutetorum Keda Mcheidze (1964)
48.38853: Liniphia frutetorum Gulripshi Mcheidze (1964)
49.38852: Liniphia frutetorum Sukhumi Mcheidze (1964)
50.38850: Liniphia frutetorum Kobuleti Mcheidze (1964)
51.38857: Liniphia frutetorum Ambrolauri Mcheidze (1964)
52.38854: Liniphia frutetorum Abasha Mcheidze (1964)
53.38873: Liniphia frutetorum Gremi Mcheidze (1964)
54.38872: Liniphia frutetorum Gurdzhaani Mcheidze (1964)
55.38868: Liniphia frutetorum Tqibuli Mcheidze (1964)
56.38866: Liniphia frutetorum South of Kutaissi Mcheidze (1964)
57.38865: Liniphia frutetorum Adigeni Mcheidze (1964)
58.38869: Liniphia frutetorum Telavi Mcheidze (1964)
59.37896: Linyphia frutetorum Bakhmaro Mcheidze (1997)
60.37907: Linyphia frutetorum Tqibuli Mcheidze (1997)
61.37892: Linyphia frutetorum Sukhumi Mcheidze (1997)
62.37903: Linyphia frutetorum Akhaltsikhe Mcheidze (1997)
63.37910: Linyphia frutetorum Kwareli Mcheidze (1997)
64.37905: Linyphia frutetorum Baghdati Mcheidze (1997)
65.37906: Linyphia frutetorum Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Mcheidze (1997)
66.37909: Linyphia frutetorum Tsinandali Mcheidze (1997)
67.37911: Linyphia frutetorum Gurdzhaani Mcheidze (1997)
68.37912: Linyphia frutetorum Gremi Mcheidze (1997)
69.37913: Linyphia frutetorum Tbilisi Mcheidze (1997)
70.37890: Linyphia frutetorum Kobuleti Mcheidze (1997)
71.37891: Linyphia frutetorum Mtsvane Kontskhi Mcheidze (1997)
72.37893: Linyphia frutetorum Gulripshi Mcheidze (1997)
73.37894: Linyphia frutetorum Abasha Mcheidze (1997)
74.37895: Linyphia frutetorum Tshokhatauri Mcheidze (1997)
75.37897: Linyphia frutetorum Ambrolauri Mcheidze (1997)
76.37898: Linyphia frutetorum Oni Mcheidze (1997)
77.37899: Linyphia frutetorum Mamison Pass Mcheidze (1997)
78.37900: Linyphia frutetorum Tshiora Mcheidze (1997)
79.37901: Linyphia frutetorum Keda Mcheidze (1997)
80.37902: Linyphia frutetorum Mestia Mcheidze (1997)
81.37904: Linyphia frutetorum Adigeni Marusik & Koponen (2002)
82.Linyphia frutetorum at Sukhum Sukhumi Spassky (1937a)
83.Frontinellina frutetorum on Apsheron Peninsula Apsheron Peninsula Guseinov (1999b)
84.Liniphia [sic] frutetorum at Akhalsopeli (Tqibuli) Akhalsopeli (Tqibuli) Mcheidze (1968b)
85.Frontinellina frutetorum between Zagatala-Sheki-Ismaily Sheki Dunin (1989b)
# Cited Records Location Original Publication Citing Publication
1.10247: Frontinellina frutetorum Caucasus citation missing view citing publication
2.30839: Frontinellina frutetorum Caucasus citation missing view citing publication
3.Frontinellina frutetorum at Sochi Sotshi Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
4.34023: Frontinellina frutetorum Khosta Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
5.34024: Frontinellina frutetorum Gelendzhik Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
6.34623: Linyphia frutetorum Chechnya Minoranski (1988) view citing publication
7.34763: Frontinellina frutetorum Krasnodar Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
8.34764: Frontinellina frutetorum Krasnodar Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
9.34769: Frontinellina frutetorum Sayasan Minoranski (1988) view citing publication
10.Liniphia [sic] frutetorum Sighnaghi Mcheidze (1943) view citing publication
11.10252: Frontinellina frutetorum Georgia citation missing view citing publication
12.10253: Frontinellina frutetorum Azerbaijan citation missing view citing publication
13.34025: Frontinellina frutetorum Sukhumi Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
14.34026: Frontinellina frutetorum Tqibuli Mcheidze (1968a) view citing publication
15.34765: Frontinellina frutetorum Georgia Mcheidze (1964) view citing publication
16.34766: Frontinellina frutetorum Georgia Mcheidze (1968a) view citing publication
17.34767: Frontinellina frutetorum Georgia Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
18.34768: Frontinellina frutetorum Azerbaijan Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication
19.37889: Linyphia frutetorum Sukhumi Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database (http://caucasus-spiders.info/) under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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