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Sayasan Chechnya ChechnyaNorth Caucasus

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43.0637100° N46.2860870° E
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# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Theridium ovatum at Sayasan Theridiidae Enoplognatha ovata Minoranski (1988)
2.Episinus truncatus at Sayasan Theridiidae Episinus truncatus Minoranski (1988)
3.Theridium tepidariorum at Sayasan Theridiidae Parasteatoda tepidariorum Minoranski (1988)
4.Theridium impressum at Sayasan Theridiidae Phylloneta impressa Minoranski (1988)
5.Theridium varians at Sayasan Theridiidae Theridion varians Minoranski (1988)
6.Linyphia frutetorum at Sayasan Linyphiidae Frontinellina frutetorum Minoranski (1988)
7.Tetragnatha pinicola at Sayasan Tetragnathidae Tetragnatha pinicola Minoranski (1988)
8.Araneus alsine at Sayasan Araneidae Araneus alsine Minoranski (1988)
9.Araneus cucurbitinus cucurbitinus at Sayasan Araneidae Araniella cucurbitina Minoranski (1988)
10.Mangora acalypha at Sayasan Araneidae Mangora acalypha Minoranski (1988)
11.Lycosa nordmanni at Sayasan Lycosidae Lycosa praegrandis Minoranski (1988)
12.Pardosa lugubris at Sayasan Lycosidae Pardosa lugubris Minoranski (1988)
13.Pirata hurkai at Sayasan Lycosidae Pirata hurkai Minoranski (1988)
14.Oxyopes lineatus at Sayasan Oxyopidae Oxyopes lineatus Minoranski (1988)
15.Tegenaria picta at Sayasan Agelenidae Malthonica picta Minoranski (1988)
16.Cheiracanthium erraticum at Sayasan Miturgidae Cheiracanthium erraticum Minoranski (1988)
17.Clubiona similis at Sayasan Clubionidae Clubiona similis Minoranski (1988)
18.Haplodrassus signifer at Sayasan Gnaphosidae Haplodrassus signifer Minoranski (1988)
19.Philodromus aureolus at Sayasan Philodromidae Philodromus aureolus Minoranski (1988)
20.Misumena vatia at Sayasan Thomisidae Misumena vatia Minoranski (1988)
21.Xysticus audax at Sayasan Thomisidae Xysticus audax Minoranski (1988)
22.Xysticus kochi at Sayasan Thomisidae Xysticus kochi Minoranski (1988)
23.Evarcha laetabunda at Sayasan Salticidae Evarcha laetabunda Minoranski (1988)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
1.34769: Frontinellina frutetorum Linyphiidae Frontinellina frutetorum Minoranski (1988) view citing publication ...
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