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Krasnodar Krasnodar Kray Russia (Krasnodar Kray)North Caucasus

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45.2500000° N38.1166000° E
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# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Ermetus inopinabilis in Krasnodar KrayMimetidae Ermetus inopinabilis Ponomarev (2008a)
2.Uloborus walckenaerius in Krasnodar KrayUloboridae Uloborus walckenaerius Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
3.Anelosimus vittatus in Krasnodar KrayTheridiidae Anelosimus vittatus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
4.Parasteatoda simulans in Krasnodar KrayTheridiidae Parasteatoda simulans Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
5.Robertus arundineti in Krasnodar KrayTheridiidae Robertus arundineti Kobzar & Ponomarev (2009)
6.Simitidion simile in Krasnodar KrayTheridiidae Simitidion simile Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
7.Microlinyphia pusilla in Krasnodar KrayLinyphiidae Microlinyphia pusilla Seyfulina (2008)
8.Pocadicnemis pumila in Krasnodar KrayLinyphiidae Pocadicnemis pumila Seyfulina (2008)
9.Pachygnatha clercki in Krasnodar KrayTetragnathidae Pachygnatha clercki Seyfulina (2008)
10.Tetragnatha extensa in Krasnodar KrayTetragnathidae Tetragnatha extensa Kobzar & Ponomarev (2009)
11.Alopecosa accentuata in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Alopecosa accentuata Ovtsharenko (1979)
12.Alopecosa cursor in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Alopecosa cursor Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
13.Alopecosa sulzeri in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Alopecosa sulzeri Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
14.Alopecosa taeniopus in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Alopecosa taeniopus Ovtsharenko (1979)
15.Alopecosa charitonovi in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Geolycosa charitonovi Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
16.Pardosa agrestis in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Pardosa agrestis Ovtsharenko (1979)
17.Pardosa schenkeli in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Pardosa schenkeli Ovtsharenko (1979)
18.Pardosa tatarica in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Pardosa tatarica Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
19.Trochosa cachetiensis in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Trochosa cachetiensis Ponomarev (2009)
20.Trochosa robusta in Krasnodar KrayLycosidae Trochosa robusta Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
21.Zora armillata in Krasnodar KrayZoridae Zora armillata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
22.Dictyna arundinacea in Krasnodar KrayDictynidae Dictyna arundinacea Seyfulina (2008)
23.Lathys humilis in Krasnodar KrayDictynidae Lathys humilis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
24.Cheiracanthium erraticum in Krasnodar KrayMiturgidae Cheiracanthium erraticum Seyfulina (2008)
25.Agroeca cuprea in Krasnodar KrayLiocranidae Agroeca cuprea Seyfulina (2008)
26.31255: Clubiona golovatchi Clubionidae Clubiona golovatchi Mikhailov (1990)
27.31226: Clubiona lutescens Clubionidae Clubiona lutescens Mikhailov (1990)
28.31310: Clubiona pallidula Clubionidae Clubiona pallidula Mikhailov (1990)
29.31274: Clubiona similis Clubionidae Clubiona similis Mikhailov (1990)
30.Zodarion morosum in Krasnodar KrayZodariidae Zodarion morosus Ponomarev (2009)
31.Drassodes pubescens in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Drassodes pubescens Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
32.Drassyllus lutetianus in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Drassyllus lutetianus Seyfulina (2008)
33.Haplodrassus minor in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Haplodrassus minor Seyfulina (2008)
34.Haplodrassus signifer in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Haplodrassus signifer Seyfulina (2008)
35.Trachyzelotes malkini in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Trachyzelotes malkini Platnick & Murphy (1984)
36.Trachyzelotes pedestris in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Trachyzelotes pedestris Ponomarev (2009)
37.Zelotes caucasius in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Zelotes caucasius Ovtsharenko (1982)
38.Zelotes gracilis in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Zelotes gracilis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
39.Zelotes segrex in Krasnodar KrayGnaphosidae Zelotes segrex Seyfulina (2008)
40.Philodromus cespitum in Krasnodar KrayPhilodromidae Philodromus cespitum Ovtsharenko (1979)
41.Philodromus glaucinus in Krasnodar KrayPhilodromidae Philodromus glaucinus Kobzar & Ponomarev (2009)
42.Thanatus vulgaris in Krasnodar KrayPhilodromidae Thanatus vulgaris Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
43.Tibellus oblongus in Krasnodar KrayPhilodromidae Tibellus oblongus Seyfulina (2008)
44.Ozyptila scabricola in Krasnodar KrayThomisidae Ozyptila scabricula Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
45.Tmarus piger in Krasnodar KrayThomisidae Tmarus piger Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
46.Xysticus acerbus in Krasnodar KrayThomisidae Xysticus acerbus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
47.Xysticus cristatus in Krasnodar KrayThomisidae Xysticus cristatus Seyfulina (2008)
48.Xysticus luctator in Krasnodar KrayThomisidae Xysticus luctator Seyfulina (2008)
49.Xysticus umbrinus male holotype in Kuban oblastThomisidae Xysticus spasskyi Utochkin (1968)
50.Aelurillus v-insignitus in Krasnodar KraySalticidae Aelurillus v-insignitus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
51.Dendryphantes rudis in Krasnodar KraySalticidae Dendryphantes rudis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
52.33468: Euophrys frontalis Salticidae Euophrys frontalis Ovtsharenko (1978)
53.33466: Dendryphantes nidicolens Salticidae Macaroeris nidicolens Ovtsharenko (1978)
54.33472: Myrmarachne joblotii Salticidae Myrmarachne formicaria Ovtsharenko (1978)
55.Neon rayi in Krasnodar KraySalticidae Neon rayi Seyfulina (2008)
56.33474: Telamonia casterisiana Salticidae Phintella castriesiana Ovtsharenko (1978)
57.Phlegra cinereofasciata in Krasnodar KraySalticidae Phlegra cinereofasciata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
58.Pseudeuophrys obsoleta in Krasnodar KraySalticidae Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Seyfulina (2008)
59.Salticus zebraneus at KrasnodarSalticidae Salticus zebraneus Logunov (2015)
60.33473: Sitticus penicillatus Salticidae Sitticus penicillatus Ovtsharenko (1978)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
1.34745: Diplostyla concolor Linyphiidae Diplostyla concolor Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication ...
2.34744: Diplostyla concolor Linyphiidae Diplostyla concolor Spassky (1937a) view citing publication ...
3.34764: Frontinellina frutetorum Linyphiidae Frontinellina frutetorum Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication ...
4.34763: Frontinellina frutetorum Linyphiidae Frontinellina frutetorum Spassky (1937a) view citing publication ...
5.35419: Silometopus elegans Linyphiidae Silometopus elegans Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication ...
6.33496: Larinia bonneti Araneidae Larinia bonneti citation missing view citing publication ...
7.33952: Clubiona golovatchi Clubionidae Clubiona golovatchi Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication ...
8.33931: Clubiona lutescens Clubionidae Clubiona lutescens Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication ...
9.32511: Clubiona pallidula Clubionidae Clubiona pallidula Sharov et al. (1984) view citing publication ...
10.33988: Clubiona pallidula Clubionidae Clubiona pallidula Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication ...
11.33987: Clubiona pallidula Clubionidae Clubiona pallidula Sharov et al. (1984) view citing publication ...
12.33961: Clubiona similis Clubionidae Clubiona similis Mikhailov (1990) view citing publication ...
13.37940: Xysticus spasskyi Thomisidae Xysticus spasskyi Utochkin (1968) view citing publication ...
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