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Ovtsharenko, V. I. (1979): Spiders of the families Gnaphosidae, Thomisidae, Lycosidae (Aranei) of the Caucsaus Major. Fauna i ekologia paukobraznykh. Trudy zool. Inst. AN SSSR, 85: 39-53.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.33325: Zelotes pumilus Drassyllus pumilus Krasnaya Polyana
2.33326: Pardosa incerta Pardosa incerta Mt. Abago
3.33327: Pardosa incerta Pardosa incerta Mt. Pseashkho
4.33328: Pardosa incerta Pardosa incerta Mt. Tshugush
5.33329: Pardosa incerta Pardosa incerta Cheget Mt.
6.33330: Pardosa incerta Pardosa incerta Mt. Elbrus
7.33331: Arctosa tbilisiensis Arctosa tbilisiensis Adler
8.33332: Arctosa tbilisiensis Arctosa tbilisiensis Krasnaya Polyana
9.33333: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Guzeripl
10.33334: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Pslukh
11.33335: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Krasnaya Polyana
12.33336: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Adler
13.33337: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Guzeripl
14.33338: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Maikop
15.33339: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Novorossiisk
16.33340: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Adler
17.33341: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Nalchik
18.33342: Pirata hurcai Pirata hurkai Guzeripl
19.33343: Pirata hurcai Pirata hurkai Pslukh
20.33344: Pirata hurcai Pirata hurkai Mt. Tshugush
21.33345: Pirata hurcai Pirata hurkai Krasnaya Polyana
22.33346: Tmarus stellio Tmarus stellio Guzeripl
23.33347: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Guzeripl
24.33348: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Mt. Pseashkho
25.33349: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Mt. Tshugush
26.33350: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Atshishkho Mt.
27.33351: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Khamyshki
28.33352: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Teberda State Reserve
29.33353: Xysticus spasskyi Xysticus spasskyi Guzeripl
30.33354: Xysticus spasskyi Xysticus spasskyi Mt. Pseashkho
31.33355: Xysticus spasskyi Xysticus spasskyi Mt. Tshugush
32.33356: Xysticus spasskyi Xysticus spasskyi Atshishkho Mt.
33.33357: Xysticus spasskyi Xysticus spasskyi Khamyshki
34.33358: Xysticus spasskyi Xysticus spasskyi Teberda State Reserve
35.33359: Xysticus atevs Xysticus atevs Mt. Abago
36.33360: Xysticus atevs Xysticus atevs Cheget Mt.
37.33361: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Tskhratsqaro Pass
38.33362: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Mt. Abago
39.33363: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Mt. Pseashkho
40.33364: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Mt. Tshugush
41.33365: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Mt. Mramornaya
42.33366: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Kish River (upper part)
43.33367: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
44.33368: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Guzeripl
45.33369: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Mt. Abago
46.33370: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Mt. Pseashkho
47.33371: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Mt. Tshugush
48.33372: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Cheget Mt.
49.33373: Oxyptila balkarica Ozyptila orientalis balkarica Mt. Abago
50.33374: Oxyptila balkarica Ozyptila orientalis balkarica Mt. Tshugush
51.33375: Oxyptila balkarica Ozyptila orientalis balkarica Mt. Pseashkho
52.33376: Oxyptila balkarica Ozyptila orientalis balkarica Mt. Mramornaya
53.33377: Oxyptila balkarica Ozyptila orientalis balkarica Cheget Mt.
54.33378: Pardosa abagensis Pardosa abagensis Mt. Abago
55.33379: Pardosa abagensis Pardosa abagensis Mt. Tshugush
56.33380: Pardosa abagensis Pardosa abagensis Mt. Pseashkho
57.33381: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Mt. Pseashkho
58.33382: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Mt. Tshugush
59.33383: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Mt. Abago
60.33384: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Cheget Mt.
61.33385: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Mt. Elbrus
62.33386: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Tsey
63.33387: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Guzeripl
64.33388: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Mt. Abago
65.33389: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Mt. Pseashkho
66.33390: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Aishkha Mt.
67.33391: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Umpyr Kordon
68.33392: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Cheget Mt.
69.33393: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Tsey
70.33394: Pardosa tasevi Pardosa tasevi Teberda State Reserve
71.33395: Pardosa tasevi Pardosa tasevi Khamyshki
72.33396: Pardosa tasevi Pardosa tasevi Mt. Abago
73.33397: Pardosa tasevi Pardosa tasevi Guzeripl
74.33398: Pardosa tasevi Pardosa tasevi Umpyr Kordon
75.33399: Callilepis nocturna Callilepis nocturna Caucasus
76.33400: Nomisia exornata Nomisia exornata Caucasus
77.33401: Drassodes lapidosus Drassodes lapidosus Caucasus
78.33402: Drassodes pubescens Drassodes pubescens Caucasus
79.33403: Haplodrassus signifer Haplodrassus signifer Caucasus
80.33404: Haplodrassus umbratilis Haplodrassus umbratilis Caucasus
81.33405: Poecilochroa conspicua Kishidaia conspicua Caucasus
82.33406: Zelotes gracilis Zelotes gracilis Caucasus
83.33407: Zelotes hermani Zelotes hermani Caucasus
84.33408: Zelotes praeficus Drassyllus praeficus Caucasus
85.33409: Zelotes pumilus Drassyllus pumilus Caucasus
86.33410: Zelotes pusillus Drassyllus pusillus Caucasus
87.33411: Zelotes vinealis Drassyllus vinealis Caucasus
88.33412: Philodromus cespitum Philodromus cespitum Caucasus
89.33413: Philodromus collinus Philodromus collinus Caucasus
90.33414: Philodromus dispar Philodromus dispar Caucasus
91.33415: Philodromus fuscomarginatus Philodromus fuscomarginatus Caucasus
92.33416: Philodromus margaritatus Philodromus margaritatus Caucasus
93.33417: Philodromus rufus Philodromus rufus Caucasus
94.33418: Thanatus arenarius Thanatus arenarius Caucasus
95.33419: Tibellus oblongus Tibellus oblongus Caucasus
96.33420: Diaea dorsata Diaea dorsata Caucasus
97.33421: Misumena vatia Misumena vatia Caucasus
98.33422: Misumenops tricuspidatus Ebrechtella tricuspidata Caucasus
99.33424: Oxyptila trux Ozyptila trux Caucasus
100.33425: Pistius truncatus Pistius truncatus Caucasus
101.33426: Runcinia lateralis Runcinia grammica Caucasus
102.33427: Synaema globosum Synema globosum Caucasus
103.33428: Thomisus onustus Thomisus onustus Caucasus
104.33429: Tmarus stellio Tmarus stellio Caucasus
105.33430: Xysticus atevs Xysticus atevs Caucasus
106.33431: Xysticus bacurianensis Xysticus bacurianensis Caucasus
107.33432: Xysticus bifasciatus Xysticus bifasciatus Caucasus
108.33433: Xysticus cambridgei Xysticus sabulosus Caucasus
109.33434: Xysticus gallicus Xysticus gallicus Caucasus
110.33435: Xysticus kochi Xysticus kochi Caucasus
111.33436: Xysticus lanio Xysticus lanio Caucasus
112.33437: Xysticus ninni Xysticus ninnii Caucasus
113.33438: Xysticus sabulosus Xysticus sabulosus Caucasus
114.33439: Xysticus striatipes Xysticus striatipes Caucasus
115.33440: Xysticus spasskyi Xysticus spasskyi Caucasus
116.33441: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Caucasus
117.33442: Alopecosa accentuata Alopecosa accentuata Caucasus
118.33443: Alopecosa cronebergi Alopecosa cronebergi Caucasus
119.33444: Alopecosa pulverulenta Alopecosa pulverulenta Caucasus
120.33445: Alopecosa taeniopus Alopecosa taeniopus Caucasus
121.33446: Arctosa leopardus Arctosa leopardus Caucasus
122.33447: Arctosa tbilisiensis Arctosa tbilisiensis Caucasus
123.33448: Aulonia albimana Aulonia albimana Caucasus
124.33449: Lycosa radiata Hogna radiata Caucasus
125.33450: Pardosa abagensis Pardosa abagensis Caucasus
126.33451: Pardosa agrestis Pardosa agrestis Caucasus
127.33452: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Caucasus
128.33453: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Caucasus
129.33454: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Caucasus
130.33455: Pardosa hortensis Pardosa hortensis Caucasus
131.33456: Pardosa incerta Pardosa incerta Caucasus
132.33457: Pardosa lugubris Pardosa lugubris Caucasus
133.33458: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Caucasus
134.33459: Pardosa shenkeli Pardosa schenkeli Caucasus
135.33460: Pardosa tasevi Pardosa tasevi Caucasus
136.33461: Pirata hurkai Pirata hurkai Caucasus
137.33462: Trochosa ruricola Trochosa ruricola Caucasus
138.33463: Xerolycosa miniata Xerolycosa miniata Caucasus
139.33464: Xerolycosa nemoralis Xerolycosa nemoralis Caucasus
140.33465: Tmarus stellio Tmarus stellio Khosta
141.Alopecosa accentuata in Krasnodar Kray Alopecosa accentuata Krasnodar
142.Alopecosa taeniopus in Krasnodar Kray Alopecosa taeniopus Krasnodar
143.Pardosa agrestis in Krasnodar Kray Pardosa agrestis Krasnodar
144.Pardosa schenkeli in Krasnodar Kray Pardosa schenkeli Krasnodar
145.Philodromus cespitum in Krasnodar Kray Philodromus cespitum Krasnodar
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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