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Mikhailov, K. G. (1990): The spider genus Clubiona LATREILLE 1804 in the Caucasus, USSR (Arachnida: Araneae: Clubionidae). Senckenbergiana biologica, 70 (1989): 299-322.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.31202: Clubiona diversa Clubiona diversa Teberda State Reserve
2.31203: Clubiona diversa Clubiona diversa Ardon
3.31204: Clubiona diversa Clubiona diversa Tsey
4.31205: Clubiona diversa Clubiona diversa Pirkuli
5.31206: Clubiona juvenis Clubiona juvenis Slavyansk-na-Kuban
6.31207: Clubiona alexeevi Clubiona alexeevi Sunshensky Ridge
7.31208: Clubiona hyrcanica Clubiona hyrcanica Hyrkan State Reserve
8.31209: Clubiona brevipes Clubiona brevipes Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
9.31210: Clubiona brevipes Clubiona brevipes Vandam
10.31211: Clubiona genevensis Clubiona genevensis Pirkuli
11.31212: Clubiona genevensis Clubiona genevensis Divichi
12.31213: Clubiona genevensis Clubiona genevensis Megri
13.31214: Clubiona vegeta Clubiona vegeta Pirkuli
14.31215: Clubiona vegeta Clubiona vegeta Divichi
15.31216: Clubiona vegeta Clubiona vegeta Megri
16.31217: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Lagodekhi Reserve
17.31218: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Kazakh
18.31219: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Baku
19.31220: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Kelbadjar
20.31221: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Lerik
21.31222: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Lenkoran (City)
22.31223: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Vanadzor
23.31224: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Khosrov State Reserve
24.31225: Clubiona alpicola Clubiona alpicola Megri
25.31226: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Krasnodar
26.31227: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Psebe
27.31228: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Pyatigorsk
28.31229: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Teberda State Reserve
29.31230: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Sunshensky Ridge
30.31231: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Verkhniy Fiagdon
31.31232: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Ardon
32.31233: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Khiv
33.31234: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Bitshvinta-Miusera Nature Reserve
34.31235: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Poti
35.31236: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Khobi
36.31237: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Kutaisi
37.31238: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Adigeni
38.31239: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Surami
39.31240: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Tqibuli
40.31241: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
41.31242: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Lagodekhi Reserve
42.31243: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Batumi
43.31244: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Khulo
44.31245: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Zeraboseli
45.31246: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Alazani River Mouth
46.31247: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Pirkuli
47.31248: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Nabran
48.31249: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Kelbadjar
49.31250: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Shusha
50.31251: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Masali
51.31252: Clubiona lutescens Clubiona lutescens Vanadzor
52.31253: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Lazarevskoye
53.31254: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Slavyansk-na-Kuban
54.31255: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Krasnodar
55.31256: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Zheleznovodsk
56.31257: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Ardon
57.31258: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Tsey
58.31259: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Khiv
59.31260: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Magaramkent
60.31261: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Lagodekhi Reserve
61.31262: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Keda
62.31263: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Aghkemal
63.31264: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Zakataly State Reserve
64.31265: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Kashkachay
65.31266: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Bash Layski
66.31267: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Altyagatsh
67.31268: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Pirkuli
68.31269: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Kuba
69.31270: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Kelbadjar
70.31271: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Masali
71.31273: Clubiona golovatchi Clubiona golovatchi Kajaran
72.31274: Clubiona similis Clubiona similis Krasnodar
73.31275: Clubiona similis Clubiona similis Novopavlovsk
74.31277: Clubiona similis Clubiona similis Kuba
75.31278: Clubiona similis Clubiona similis Nabran
76.31279: Clubiona similis Clubiona similis Shusha
77.31280: Clubiona similis Clubiona similis Lenkoran (City)
78.31281: Clubiona similis Clubiona similis Lerik
79.31282: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Slavyansk-na-Kuban
80.31283: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Petrovsk
81.31284: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Teberda State Reserve
82.31285: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Sunshensky Ridge
83.31286: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Ardon
84.31287: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Samur River Delta
85.31288: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Batumi
86.31289: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Vandam
87.31290: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Pirkuli
88.31291: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Gyanja
89.31292: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Saatly
90.31293: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Lerik
91.31294: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Hyrkan State Reserve
92.31295: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Lenkoran (City)
93.31296: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Ordubad
94.31297: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Pambak
95.31298: Clubiona neglecta Clubiona neglecta Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
96.31299: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Lagodekhi Reserve
97.31300: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Teberda State Reserve
98.31301: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Tsey
99.31302: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Ardon
100.31303: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Kvaisi
101.31304: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Lagodekhi Reserve
102.31305: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Bakuriani
103.31306: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Rochigel Mt.
104.31307: Clubiona pseudosimilis Clubiona pseudosimilis Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
105.31308: Clubiona germanica Clubiona germanica Khobi
106.31309: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Slavyansk-na-Kuban
107.31310: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Krasnodar
108.31311: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Pyatigorsk
109.31312: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Verkhniy Fiagdon
110.31313: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Poti
111.31314: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Khobi
112.31315: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Tqibuli
113.31316: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Batumi
114.31317: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Zakataly State Reserve
115.31318: Clubiona pallidula Clubiona pallidula Vanadzor
116.31319: Clubiona phragmitis Clubiona phragmitis Slavyansk-na-Kuban
117.31320: Clubiona phragmitis Clubiona phragmitis Pirkuli
118.31321: Clubiona phragmitis Clubiona phragmitis Lenkoran (City)
119.31322: Clubiona stagnatilis Clubiona stagnatilis Teberda State Reserve
120.31323: Clubiona stagnatilis Clubiona stagnatilis Khobi
121.31324: Clubiona stagnatilis Clubiona stagnatilis Poti
122.31325: Clubiona corticalis Clubiona corticalis Zakataly State Reserve
123.31326: Clubiona corticalis Clubiona corticalis Kelbadjar
124.31327: Clubiona corticalis Clubiona corticalis Shusha
125.31328: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Pyatigorsk
126.31329: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Sunshensky Ridge
127.31330: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Batumi
128.31331: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Mtskheta
129.31332: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
130.31333: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Lagodekhi Reserve
131.31334: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Bash Layski
132.31335: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Pirkuli
133.31336: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Ismaily
134.31337: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Kelbadjar
135.31338: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Shusha
136.31339: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Alaverdi
137.31340: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Pushkin Pass
138.31341: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Ijevan
139.31342: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Vanadzor
140.31343: Clubiona caerulescens Clubiona caucasica Ijevan
141.Clubiona golovatchi in Hyrcan Reserve Clubiona mazandaranica Hyrkan State Reserve misident., cf. Mikhailov (2003: 290)
142.Clubiona similis at Baduk Lake Clubiona similis Baduk Lake see comment in Martynovchenko & Mikhailov 2014: 359
143.Clubiona similis at Dombai Clubiona similis Dombai see comment in Martynovchenko & Mikhailov 2014: 359
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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