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Logunov, D.V. & E.F. Guseinov (2008): A faunistic review of the spider family Philodromidae (Aranei) of Azerbaijan. Arthropoda Selecta 17(1-2): 117-131PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Philodromus azcursor holotype in Ismaily Reserve Philodromus azcursor Ismaily
2.Philodromus azcursor paratype at Gurban-Efendi Philodromus azcursor Gurban-Efendi
3.Philodromus azcursor paratype at Rochugel Philodromus azcursor Rotshugel (Zaqatala)
4.Philodromus dispar at Alexeevka Philodromus dispar Avrora
5.Philodromus dispar at Avrora Philodromus dispar Avrora
6.Philodromus dispar at Bichenek Philodromus dispar Zakataly State Reserve
7.Philodromus dispar at Yarymdja Philodromus dispar Zakataly State Reserve
8.Philodromus dispar in Hyrkan Reserve Philodromus dispar Hyrkan State Reserve
9.Philodromus dispar in Zagatala Reserve Philodromus dispar Zakataly State Reserve
10.Philodromus emarginatus 12 km W of Kilyazi Philodromus emarginatus 12 km West of Kilazi
11.Philodromus emarginatus at Baku Philodromus emarginatus Baku
12.Philodromus emarginatus in Shirvan Reserve Philodromus emarginatus Shirvan Reserve
13.Philodromus fallax at Ganly-Gel Lake Philodromus fallax Baku
14.Philodromus fallax at Gyurgyan Philodromus fallax Gurgan (Gyurgyan)
15.Philodromus fallax at Mardakyan Philodromus fallax Mardakan
16.Philodromus fallax in Hyrkan Reserve Philodromus fallax Hyrkan State Reserve
17.Philodromus fallax in Shirvan Reserve Philodromus fallax Shirvan Reserve
18.Philodromus longipalpis 12 km W of Kilyazi Philodromus longipalpis 12 km West of Kilazi
19.Philodromus longipalpis at Bina Philodromus longipalpis Bina
20.Philodromus longipalpis at Galaalty Philodromus longipalpis Galalty
21.Philodromus longipalpis at Mardakyan Philodromus longipalpis Mardakan
22.Philodromus margaritatus at Rochugel Philodromus margaritatus Rotshugel (Zaqatala)
23.Philodromus medius 12 km W of Kilyazi Philodromus medius 12 km West of Kilazi
24.Philodromus medius 3 km E of Akhura Philodromus medius Akhura
25.Philodromus medius at Ganly-Gel Lake (Baku) Philodromus medius Baku
26.Philodromus medius at Yeni-Surakhany Philodromus medius Yeni Surakhany
27.Philodromus medius in Shirvan Reserve Philodromus medius Shirvan Reserve
28.Philodromus medius near Pirasora Philodromus medius Pirasora
29.Philodromus medius on Mt. Beyuk Dash Philodromus medius Beyuk Dagh Mt.
30.Philodromus naxcivanicus holotype at Dasharkh Philodromus naxcivanicus Dasharkh
31.Philodromus praedatus at Yarymja Philodromus praedatus Yarimja
32.Philodromus rikhteri holotype at Erevan Philodromus rikhteri Erevan
33.Philodromus rufus at Alexeevka Philodromus rufus Alexeevka
34.Philodromus rufus at Bum Philodromus rufus Bum
35.Thanatus fabricii at Baku Thanatus fabricii Baku
36.Thanatus fabricii at Dasharkh Thanatus fabricii Baku
37.Thanatus fabricii at Gres Thanatus fabricii Gres
38.Thanatus fabricii at Yeni-Surakhany Thanatus fabricii Alexeevka
39.Thanatus imbecillus 3 km E of Akhura Thanatus imbecillus Akhura
40.Thanatus imbecillus 3 km E of Divagatch Thanatus imbecillus Divagatch
41.Thanatus imbecillus at Baku Thanatus imbecillus Baku
42.Thanatus imbecillus at Bichenek Thanatus imbecillus Bichenek
43.Thanatus imbecillus at Dasharkh Thanatus imbecillus Dasharkh
44.Thanatus imbecillus at Pirasora Thanatus imbecillus Pirasora
45.Thanatus imbecillus at Yeni-Surakhany Thanatus imbecillus Yeni Surakhany
46.Thanatus imbecillus in Ismaily Reserve Thanatus imbecillus Ismaily
47.Thanatus imbecillus on Mt. Beyuk-Dash Thanatus imbecillus Beyuk Dagh Mt.
48.Thanatus imbecillus on Mt. Kergez Thanatus imbecillus Kergez Mt.
49.Thanatus kitabensis at Baku Thanatus kitabensis Baku
50.Thanatus kitabensis on Mt. Beyuk Dash Thanatus kitabensis Beyuk Dagh Mt.
51.Thanatus pictus at Divagatch Thanatus pictus Beyuk Dagh Mt.
52.Thanatus sabulosus 25 km from Lenkoran to Lerik Thanatus sabulosus 25 km from Lenkoran to Lerik
53.Thanatus sabulosus at Apo Thanatus sabulosus Hyrkan State Reserve
54.Thanatus vulgaris at Dasharkh Thanatus vulgaris Dasharkh
55.Thanatus vulgaris at Ganly-Gel Lake Thanatus vulgaris Baku
56.Thanatus vulgaris at Laza Thanatus vulgaris Laza (Qabala)
57.Thanatus vulgaris at Yeni-Surakhany Thanatus vulgaris Yeni Surakhany
58.Thanatus vulgaris in Gobustan Reserve Thanatus vulgaris Gobustan Reserve
59.Thanatus vulgaris in Hyrkan Reserve Thanatus vulgaris Hyrkan State Reserve
60.Thanatus vulgaris in Shirvan Reserve Thanatus vulgaris Shirvan Reserve
61.Thanatus vulgaris in Stavropolskiy Kray Thanatus vulgaris Stavropol Kray
62.Tibellus macellus at Avrora Tibellus macellus Avrora
63.Tibellus macellus at Khanbulan Tibellus macellus Khanbulan Lake
64.Tibellus oblongus at Gyrgyan Tibellus oblongus Gurgan (Gyurgyan)
65.Tibellus oblongus at Laza Tibellus oblongus Laza (Qabala)
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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