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Stavropol Kray Stavropol Kray Russia (Stavropol Kray)North Caucasus

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45.0776300° N41.9976100° E
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# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Dysdera crocata in Stavropolskiy KrayDysderidae Dysdera crocata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
2.Uloborus walckenaerius in Stavropolskiy KrayUloboridae Uloborus walckenaerius Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
3.Asagena phalerata in Stavropolskiy KrayTheridiidae Asagena phalerata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
4.Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum in Stavropolskiy KrayTheridiidae Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
5.Latrodectus tredecimguttatus in Stavropolskiy KrayTheridiidae Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Kppen (1881)
6.Steatoda albomaculata in Stavropolskiy KrayTheridiidae Steatoda albomaculata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
7.Steatoda paykulliana in Stavropolskiy KrayTheridiidae Steatoda paykulliana Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
8.Agyneta rurestris in Stavropolskiy KrayLinyphiidae Meioneta rurestris Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
9.Microlinyphia pusilla in Stavropolskiy KrayLinyphiidae Microlinyphia pusilla Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
10.Pachygnatha clercki in Stavropolskiy KrayTetragnathidae Pachygnatha clercki Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
11.Pachygnatha degeeri at Stavropolskiy KrayTetragnathidae Pachygnatha degeeri Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
12.Aculepeira armida in Stavropolskiy KrayAraneidae Aculepeira armida Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
13.Araneus diadematus in Stavropolski KrayAraneidae Araneus diadematus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
14.Cercidia prominens in Stavropolskiy KrayAraneidae Cercidia prominens Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
15.Gibbaranea bituberculata in Stavropolskiy KrayAraneidae Gibbaranea bituberculata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
16.Gibbaranea ullrichi in Stavropolskiy KrayAraneidae Gibbaranea ullrichi Ponomarev et al. (2006)
17.Hypsosinga albovittata in Stavropolskiy KrayAraneidae Hypsosinga albovittata Ponomarev et al. (2006)
18.Hypsosinga pygmaea in Stavropolskiy KrayAraneidae Hypsosinga pygmaea Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
19.Larinioides folium in Stavropolskiy KrayAraneidae Larinioides suspicax Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
20.Alopecosa accentuata in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Alopecosa accentuata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
21.Alopecosa pulverulenta in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Alopecosa pulverulenta Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
22.Alopecosa taeniopus in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Alopecosa taeniopus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
23.Hogna radiata in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Hogna radiata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
24.Allohogna singoriensis in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Lycosa singoriensis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
25.Mustelicosa dimidiata in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Mustelicosa dimidiata Ponomarev et al. (2006)
26.Pardosa agrestis in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Pardosa agrestis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
27.Pardosa lugubris in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Pardosa lugubris Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
28.Pardosa nebulosa in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Pardosa nebulosa Ponomarev et al. (2006)
29.Pardosa paludicola in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Pardosa paludicola Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
30.Pardosa pontica in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Pardosa pontica Zyuzin & Logunov (2000)
31.Trochosa robusta in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Trochosa robusta Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
32.Trochosa ruricola in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Trochosa ruricola Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
33.Xerolycosa nemoralis in Stavropolskiy KrayLycosidae Xerolycosa nemoralis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
34.Cheiracanthium erraticum in Stavropolskiy KrayMiturgidae Cheiracanthium erraticum Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
35.Cheiracanthium mildei in Stavropol KrayMiturgidae Cheiracanthium mildei Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
36.Cheiracanthium pennyi in Stavropolskiy KrayMiturgidae Cheiracanthium pennyi Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
37.Agroeca cuprea in Stavropolskiy KrayLiocranidae Agroeca cuprea Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
38.Aphantaulax trifasciata in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Aphantaulax trifasciata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
39.Drassodes pubescens in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Drassodes pubescens Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
40.Drassyllus praeficus in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Drassyllus praeficus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
41.Drassyllus pusillus in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Drassyllus pusillus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
42.Drassyllus vinealis at Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Drassyllus vinealis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
43.Gnaphosa dolosa in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Gnaphosa dolosa Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
44.Gnaphosa taurica in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Gnaphosa taurica Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
45.Haplodrassus bohemicus in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Haplodrassus bohemicus Ponomarev & Tsvetkov (2006)
46.Haplodrassus dalmatensis in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Haplodrassus dalmatensis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
47.Haplodrassus minor in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Haplodrassus minor Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
48.Micaria albovittata in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Micaria albovittata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
49.Micaria formicaria in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Micaria formicaria Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
50.Sosticus loricatus in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Sosticus loricatus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
51.Trachyzelotes malkini in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Trachyzelotes malkini Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
52.Trachyzelotes pedestris in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Trachyzelotes pedestris Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
53.Zelotes caucasius in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Zelotes caucasius Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
54.Zelotes gracilis in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Zelotes gracilis Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
55.Zelotes hermani in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Zelotes hermani Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
56.Zelotes latreillei in Stavropolskiy KrayGnaphosidae Zelotes latreillei Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
57.Micrommata virescens in Stavropolskiy KraySparassidae Micrommata virescens Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
58.Philodromus cespitum in Stavropolskiy KrayPhilodromidae Philodromus cespitum Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
59.Philodromus dispar in Stavropolskiy KrayPhilodromidae Philodromus dispar Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
60.Philodromus glaucinus in Stavropolskiy KrayPhilodromidae Philodromus glaucinus Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
61.Thanatus vulgaris in Stavropolskiy KrayPhilodromidae Thanatus vulgaris Logunov & Huseynov (2008)
62.Tibellus oblongus in Stavropolskiy KrayPhilodromidae Tibellus oblongus Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
63.Ebrechtella tricuspidata in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Ebrechtella tricuspidata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
64.Heriaeus melloteei in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Heriaeus oblongus Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
65.Misumena vatia at Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Misumena vatia Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
66.Ozyptila scabricola in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Ozyptila scabricula Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
67.Pistius truncatus in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Pistius truncatus Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
68.Runcinia grammica in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Runcinia grammica Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
69.Synema globosum in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Synema globosum Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
70.Xysticus cristatus in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Xysticus cristatus Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
71.Xysticus kochi in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Xysticus kochi Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
72.Xysticus laetus in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Xysticus laetus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
73.Xysticus lanio in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Xysticus lanio Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
74.Xysticus robustus at Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Xysticus robustus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
75.Xysticus striatipes in Stavropolskiy KrayThomisidae Xysticus striatipes Khanov & Ponomarev (2006)
76.Aelurillus v-insignitus in Stavropolskiy KraySalticidae Aelurillus v-insignitus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
77.Ballus chalybeius in Stavropolskiy KraySalticidae Ballus chalybeius Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
78.Heliophanus flavipes in Stavropolskiy KraySalticidae Heliophanus flavipes Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
79.Pellenes nigrociliatus in Stavropolskiy KraySalticidae Pellenes nigrociliatus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
80.Pellenes seriatus in Stavropolskiy KraySalticidae Pellenes seriatus Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
81.Philaeus chrysops in Stavropolskiy KraySalticidae Philaeus chrysops Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
82.Phlegra fasciata in Stavropolskiy KraySalticidae Phlegra fasciata Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
83.Pseudeuophrys obsoleta in Stavropolskiy KraySalticidae Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
1.34746: Diplostyla concolor Linyphiidae Diplostyla concolor Tanasevitch (1987a) view citing publication ...
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