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Dunin, P. M. (1988): Cribellate spiders (Aranei, Cribellatae) of Azerbaijan [in Russian]. Entomol. Obozr., 67 (1): 190-203.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.39877: Filistata insidiatrix Filistata insidiatrix Zakataly
2.39878: Filistata insidiatrix Filistata insidiatrix Mardakan
3.39879: Filistata insidiatrix Filistata insidiatrix Baku
4.39880: Filistata insidiatrix Filistata insidiatrix Khaldan
5.39881: Filistata insidiatrix Filistata insidiatrix Dshafarabad
6.39882: Filistata insidiatrix Filistata insidiatrix Astara
7.39883: Ambika nadiae Oecobius nadiae Fizuli
8.39884: Ambika nadiae Oecobius nadiae Khanlar (Goygol)
9.39885: Ambika nadiae Oecobius nadiae Agdas
10.39886: Oecobius cellariorum Oecobius cellariorum Nyugedi
11.39887: Oecobius cellariorum Oecobius cellariorum Yasamalskaya valley
12.39888: Oecobius cellariorum Oecobius cellariorum Mardakan
13.39889: Oecobius cellariorum Oecobius cellariorum Baku
14.39890: Oecobius cellariorum Oecobius cellariorum Gaftoni
15.39891: Oecobius cellariorum Oecobius cellariorum Agdas
16.39892: Thalamia annulipes Oecobius navus Bina
17.39893: Thalamia annulipes Oecobius navus Ordzhonikidze (Az.)
18.39894: Thalamia annulipes Oecobius navus Baku
19.39895: Thalamia kahmanni Oecobius maculatus Mardakan
20.39896: Thalamia kahmanni Oecobius maculatus Bina
21.39897: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Gyanja
22.39898: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Mingetshaur
23.39899: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Ordzhonikidze (Az.)
24.39900: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Fizuli
25.39901: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Zykh
26.39902: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Dyubendy
27.39903: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Sadarak
28.39904: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Amburdara
29.39905: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Mistan
30.39906: Eresus niger Eresus kollari Tatuni (Lerik)
31.39907: Eresus tristis Eresus kollari Bank
32.39908: Eresus tristis Eresus kollari Dyubendy
33.39909: Stegodyphus lineatus Stegodyphus lineatus Poilu
34.39910: Stegodyphus lineatus Stegodyphus lineatus Samukh
35.39911: Stegodyphus lineatus Stegodyphus lineatus Khiveri
36.39912: Stegodyphus lineatus Stegodyphus lineatus Turut Steppe
37.39913: Stegodyphus lineatus Stegodyphus lineatus Mingetshaur
38.39914: Stegodyphus lineatus Stegodyphus lineatus Dilizhan
39.39915: Stegodyphus lineatus Stegodyphus lineatus Gobustan
40.39916: Stegodyphus lineatus Stegodyphus lineatus Digyakh
41.39917: Amaurobius fenestralis Amaurobius fenestralis Nyugedi
42.39918: Amaurobius fenestralis Amaurobius fenestralis Ashagy-Geinyuk
43.39919: Amaurobius similis Amaurobius similis Goygoyl Zapovednik
44.39920: Callobius claustrarius Callobius claustrarius Nyugedi
45.39921: Nurscia albomaculata Nurscia albomaculata Bank
46.39922: Nurscia albomaculata Nurscia albomaculata Nabran
47.39923: Nurscia albomaculata Nurscia albomaculata Mardakan
48.39924: Nurscia albomaculata Nurscia albomaculata Zykh
49.39925: Nurscia albomaculata Nurscia albomaculata Kerrar
50.39926: Nurscia albomaculata Nurscia albomaculata Djafarkhan
51.39927: Nurscia albomaculata Nurscia albomaculata Kazakh
52.39928: Nurscia albomaculata Nurscia albomaculata Gaftoni
53.39929: Titanoeca caucasica Titanoeca caucasica Kashkachay
54.39930: Titanoeca caucasica Titanoeca caucasica Vartashen
55.39931: Titanoeca caucasica Titanoeca caucasica Altyagatsh
56.39932: Titanoeca caucasica Titanoeca caucasica Dshafarabad
57.39933: Titanoeca caucasica Titanoeca caucasica Sheki
58.39934: Titanoeca caucasica Titanoeca caucasica Dzhar
59.39935: Titanoeca caucasica Titanoeca caucasica Kyurdmashi
60.39936: Titanoeca schineri Titanoeca schineri Vartashen
61.39937: Titanoeca schineri Titanoeca schineri Divagatch
62.39938: Titanoeca schineri Titanoeca schineri Gaftoni
63.39939: Titanoeca schineri Titanoeca schineri Telmana (Azerbaijan)
64.39940: Titanoeca schineri Titanoeca schineri Gosmalyan
65.39941: Titanoeca schineri Titanoeca schineri Avash
66.39942: Titanoeca schineri Titanoeca schineri Chaikyand
67.39943: Titanoeca schineri Titanoeca schineri Shusha
68.39944: Titanoeca tristis Titanoeca tristis Khanlar (Goygol)
69.39945: Titanoeca veteranica Titanoeca veteranica Bina
70.39946: Titanoeca veteranica Titanoeca veteranica Baku
71.39947: Archaeodictyna ammophila Archaeodictyna ammophila Zykh
72.39948: Archaeodictyna ammophila Archaeodictyna ammophila Yasamalskaya valley
73.39949: Archaeodictyna cansecuta Archaeodictyna consecuta Nabran
74.39950: Archaeodictyna cansecuta Archaeodictyna consecuta Nyugedi
75.39951: Argenna albopunctata Argenna patula Bank
76.39952: Argenna albopunctata Argenna patula Almaly
77.39953: Argenna albopunctata Argenna patula Baku
78.39954: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Turut Steppe
79.39955: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Gyanja
80.39956: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Bank
81.39957: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Saatly
82.39958: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Mukhtadir
83.39959: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Karadein
84.39960: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Djafarkhan
85.39961: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Kerrar
86.39962: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Okhud
87.39963: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Zakataly
88.39964: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Eurasia
89.39965: Brigittea latens Dictyna latens Divagatch
90.39966: Brigittea varians Dictyna varians Primorsk
91.39967: Brigittea varians Dictyna varians Ceyranbatan
92.39968: Dictyna arundinacea Dictyna arundinacea Zary-Khana
93.39969: Dictyna arundinacea Dictyna arundinacea Shemakha
94.39970: Dictyna arundinacea Dictyna arundinacea Khudat
95.39971: Dictyna arundinacea Dictyna arundinacea Okhud
96.39972: Dictyna arundinacea Dictyna arundinacea Djafarkhan
97.39973: Dictyna pusilla Dictyna pusilla Zakataly
98.39974: Dictyna pusilla Dictyna pusilla Djafarkhan
99.39975: Dictyna pusilla Dictyna pusilla Vandam
100.39976: Dictyna uncinata Dictyna uncinata Bank
101.39977: Dictyna uncinata Dictyna uncinata Nabran
102.39978: Dictyna uncinata Dictyna uncinata 5 km S of Kuba
103.39979: Dictyna uncinata Dictyna uncinata Khudat
104.39980: Dictyna uncinata Dictyna uncinata Djafarkhan
105.39981: Dictyna uncinata Dictyna uncinata Alytsch
106.39982: Dictyna uncinata Dictyna uncinata Gosmalyan
107.39983: Emblyna annulipes Emblyna annulipes Nyugedi
108.39984: Emblyna annulipes Emblyna annulipes Vandam
109.39985: Lathys humilis Lathys humilis Bina
110.39986: Lathys humilis Lathys humilis Nabran
111.39987: Lathys humilis Lathys humilis Yasamalskaya valley
112.39988: Lathys humilis Lathys humilis Zykh
113.39989: Lathys humilis Lathys humilis Zakataly
114.39990: Lathys putus Argenna subnigra Baku
115.39991: Lathys putus Argenna subnigra Zykh
116.39992: Lathys putus Argenna subnigra Digyakh
117.39993: Lathys putus Argenna subnigra Azad
118.39994: Nigma flavescens Nigma flavescens Kazakh
119.39995: Nigma flavescens Nigma flavescens Gaftoni
120.39996: Nigma laeta Nigma laeta Nabran
121.39997: Nigma walckenaeri Nigma walckenaeri Nabran
122.39998: Nigma walckenaeri Nigma walckenaeri Khudat
123.39999: Nigma walckenaeri Nigma walckenaeri Agdas
124.40000: Hyptiotes paradoxus Hyptiotes paradoxus Nabran
125.40001: Hyptiotes paradoxus Hyptiotes paradoxus Kuba
126.40002: Hyptiotes paradoxus Hyptiotes paradoxus Shemakha
127.40003: Hyptiotes paradoxus Hyptiotes paradoxus Kashkachay
128.40004: Hyptiotes paradoxus Hyptiotes paradoxus location in Turiantshai reserve
129.40005: Polenecia producta Polenecia producta Lenkoran (City)
130.40006: Polenecia producta Polenecia producta Telmana (Azerbaijan)
131.40007: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Mingetshaur
132.40008: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Dyubendy
133.40009: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Kashkachay
134.40010: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Kerrar
135.40011: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Yasamalskaya valley
136.40012: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Sheki
137.40013: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Vandam
138.40014: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Norashen
139.40015: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Shirvan Reserve
140.40016: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Gosmalyan
141.40017: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Agdas
142.40018: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Shusha
143.40019: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Azykh
144.40020: Uloborus plumipes Uloborus plumipes Agdas
145.40021: Uloborus walckenaerius Uloborus walckenaerius Nabran
146.40022: Uloborus walckenaerius Uloborus walckenaerius Saatly
147.40023: Uloborus walckenaerius Uloborus walckenaerius Kirov (Lenkoran)
148.40024: Zosis hyrcana Octonoba yesoensis Avrora
149.40025: Ambika puta Oecobius putus Bina
150.40026: Ambika puta Oecobius putus Baku
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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