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Kulcyznski, L. (1895): Araneae a Dre G. Horvath in Bessarabia, Chersoneso Taurico, Transcaucasia et Armenia Russica collectae . Termesz. TÌzetek, 18: 3-38.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.33602: Salticus formicarius Myrmarachne formicaria Gelati
2.33603: Salticus formicarius Myrmarachne formicaria Kutaisi
3.33604: Salticus formicarius Myrmarachne formicaria Tshubuli
4.33605: Heliophanus cupreus Heliophanus cupreus Kutaisi
5.33606: Heliophanus cupreus Heliophanus cupreus Qvareli
6.33607: Heliophanus equester Heliophanus equester Aralich
7.33608: Heliophanus equester Heliophanus equester Erevan
8.33609: Heliophanus melinus Heliophanus melinus Tbilisi
9.33610: Heliophanus forcipifer Heliophanus forcipifer Aralich
10.33611: Heliophanus nigriceps Heliophanus auratus Erevan
11.33612: Dendryphantes nidicolens Macaroeris nidicolens Tbilisi
12.33613: Dendryphantes nidicolens Macaroeris nidicolens Uzuntala (Zaqatala)
13.33614: Dendryphantes rudis Dendryphantes rudis Dilizhan
14.33615: Attus vilis at Elenovka Sitticus ammophilus Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
15.33616: Yllenus albocinctus Yllenus albocinctus Aralich
16.33617: Ergane arcuata Evarcha arcuata Kutaisi
17.33618: Maevia castriesiana Phintella castriesiana Batumi
18.33619: Maevia castriesiana Phintella castriesiana Tbilisi
19.33620: Oxyopes lineatus Oxyopes lineatus Gelati
20.33621: Oxyopes lineatus Oxyopes lineatus Agstafa
21.33622: Oxyopes lineatus Oxyopes lineatus Tbilisi
22.33623: Oxyopes lineatus Oxyopes lineatus Kutaisi
23.33624: Oxyopes lineatus Oxyopes lineatus Erevan
24.33625: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Oxyopes heterophthalmus Tbilisi
25.33626: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Oxyopes heterophthalmus Agstafa
26.33627: Tarentula taeniopus Alopecosa taeniopus Qvareli
27.33628: Anyphaena accentuata Anyphaena accentuata Dilizhan
28.33629: Chiracanthium pelasgicum Cheiracanthium pelasgicum Dilizhan
29.33630: Chiracanthium pelasgicum Cheiracanthium pelasgicum Fantan
30.33631: Chiracanthium pennyi Cheiracanthium pennyi Aralich
31.33632: Tibellus parallelus Tibellus oblongus Aralich
32.33633: Tibellus oblongiusculus Thanatus oblongiusculus Uzuntala (Zaqatala)
33.33634: Tibellus oblongiusculus Thanatus oblongiusculus Aralich
34.33635: Thanatus imbecillus Thanatus imbecillus Tbilisi
35.33636: Philodromus dispar Philodromus dispar Dilizhan
36.33637: Philodromus lepidus Philodromus lepidus Aralich
37.33638: Philodromus aureolus Philodromus aureolus Dilizhan
38.33639: Philodromus aureolus Philodromus aureolus Kutaisi
39.33640: Philodromus aureolus Philodromus aureolus Qvareli
40.33641: Philodromus aureolus Philodromus aureolus Tshubuli
41.33642: Philodromus aureolus caespiticola Philodromus cespitum Gelati
42.33643: Philodromus collinus Philodromus collinus Dilizhan
43.33644: Philodromus dilutus Philodromus dilutus Tbilisi
44.33645: Philodromus iuvenicus Philodromus juvencus Aralich
45.33646: Tmarus horvathi Tmarus horvathi Kutaisi
46.33647: Xysticus kochii Xysticus kochi Qvareli
47.33648: Xysticus kochii Xysticus kochi Dilizhan
48.33649: Xysticus cristatus Xysticus cristatus Gelati
49.33650: Xysticus cristatus Xysticus cristatus Kutaisi
50.33651: Xysticus lateralis Xysticus audax Dilizhan
51.33652: Synaema globosum Synema globosum Qvareli
52.33653: Synaema globosum Synema globosum Kutaisi
53.33654: Diaea dorsata Diaea dorsata Dilizhan
54.33655: Heriaeus savignyi Heriaeus hirtus Kutaisi
55.33656: Runcinia lateralis Runcinia grammica Kutaisi
56.33657: Runcinia lateralis Runcinia grammica Erevan
57.33658: Misumena vatia Misumena vatia Qvareli
58.33659: Misumena vatia Misumena vatia Tarsatshai
59.33660: Misumena vatia Misumena vatia Dilizhan
60.33661: Misumena vatia Misumena vatia Kutaisi
61.33662: Misumena tricuspidata Ebrechtella tricuspidata Gelati
62.33663: Misumena tricuspidata Ebrechtella tricuspidata Kutaisi
63.33664: Thomisus albus Thomisus onustus Kutaisi
64.33665: Thomisus albus Thomisus onustus Tbilisi
65.33666: Thomisus albus Thomisus onustus Agstafa
66.33667: Thomisus albus Thomisus onustus Aralich
67.33668: Epeira dalmatica Neoscona subfusca Kutaisi
68.33669: Epeira diademata Araneus diadematus Kutaisi
69.33670: Epeira cucurbitina Araniella cucurbitina Kutaisi
70.33671: Epeira cucurbitina Araniella cucurbitina Tarsatshai
71.33672: Epeira cucurbitina Araniella cucurbitina Dilizhan
72.33673: Epeira victoria Aculepeira armida Tbilisi
73.33674: Epeira ceropegia Aculepeira ceropegia Dilizhan
74.33675: Epeira cornuta Larinioides cornutus Batumi
75.33676: Epeira cornuta Larinioides cornutus Tshubuli
76.33677: Epeira cornuta at Elenovka Larinioides cornutus Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
77.33678: Epeira adianta Neoscona adianta Qvareli
78.33679: Epeira adianta Neoscona adianta Uzuntala (Zaqatala)
79.33680: Epeira acalypha Mangora acalypha Kutaisi
80.33681: Epeira acalypha Mangora acalypha Dilizhan
81.33682: Epeira acalypha Mangora acalypha Gelati
82.33683: Epeira acalypha Mangora acalypha Erevan
83.33684: Singa nitidula Singa nitidula Batumi
84.33685: Tetragnatha extensa Tetragnatha extensa Batumi
85.33686: Tetragnatha extensa Tetragnatha extensa Tshubuli
86.33687: Lephthyphantes tenuis Tenuiphantes tenuis Uzuntala (Zaqatala)
87.33688: Micryphantes rurestris Meioneta rurestris Qvareli
88.33689: Micryphantes rurestris Meioneta rurestris Erevan
89.33690: Erigone dentipalpis Erigone dentipalpis Qvareli
90.33691: Brachycentrum odontophorum Pelecopsis odontophora Tbilisi
91.33692: Lithyphantes paykullianus Steatoda paykulliana Gelati
92.33693: Asagena phalerata Asagena phalerata Batumi
93.33694: Theridium lineatum Enoplognatha ovata Tarsatshai
94.33695: Theridium impressum Phylloneta impressa Kutaisi
95.33696: Theridium impressum Phylloneta impressa Uzuntala (Zaqatala)
96.33697: Theridium impressum Phylloneta impressa Agstafa
97.33698: Theridium tinctum Platnickina tincta Dilizhan
98.33699: Theridium vittatum Anelosimus vittatus Qvareli
99.33700: Episinus lugubris Episinus truncatus Tbilisi
100.33701: Drassodes lapidicola Drassodes lapidosus Tbilisi
101.33702: Callilepis nocturna Callilepis nocturna Dilizhan
102.33703: Dictyna arundinacea Dictyna arundinacea Dilizhan
103.33704: Dictyna arundinacea Dictyna arundinacea Tshubuli
104.33705: Dictyna armata Dictyna armata Gelati
105.33706: Dictyna ignobilis at Elenovka Dictyna ignobilis Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
106.33707: Dictyna orientalis Nigma flavescens Erevan
107.33708: Dictyna orientalis Nigma flavescens Aralich
108.33709: Harpactes caucasius Harpactea caucasia Gelati
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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