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Oxyopes heterophthalmus (Latr., 1804)

Record Map:
Family: : Oxyopidae
Genus: : Oxyopes

North Caucasus

abundant species, 26 record(s)

Determination Link:
# Original Records Location Publication Comment
1.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Erpeli Erpeli Khalidov & Ponomarev (2008)
2.Oxyopes heterophthalmus in Tbilisi Tbilisi Pkhakadze (2006)
3.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Temirgoevskaya Temirgoevskaya Simon (1899)
4.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Maydanskoye Maydanskoye Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2009)
5.31530: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Apsheron Peninsula Dunin (1984)
6.33626: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Agstafa Kulczynski (1895)
7.33625: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Tbilisi Kulczynski (1895)
8.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Budari Budari Lake Minoranski et al. (1984)
9.37095: Oxyopes heteroptalmus Kiketi Mcheidze (1997)
10.37096: Oxyopes heteroptalmus Manglisi Mcheidze (1997)
11.37097: Oxyopes heteroptalmus Lagodekhi National Park Mcheidze (1997)
12.37098: Oxyopes heteroptalmus Batumi Mcheidze (1997)
13.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Erpeli Erpeli Ponomarev & Khalidov (2007b)
14.Oxyopes heterophtalmus [sic] on Apsheron Peninsula Apsheron Peninsula Guseinov (1999b)
15.Oxyopes heterophtalmus [sic] in Lenkoran Area Lenkoran (City) Guseinov (1999b)
16.Oxyopes heterophthalmus near Beshpagir Beshpagir Logunov & Penney (2004)
17.130: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Temirgoe Simon (1899)
18.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Nizhniye Kazanishtshe Nizhneye Kazanishtshe Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
19.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Gasha Gasha Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2011)
20.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Bryanskaya Kosa Bryansk Peninsula Ponomarev et al. (2011a)
21.Oxyopes heterophthalmus on Tyuleniy Island Tyuleniy Island Ponomarev et al. (2011a)
22.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Bogatyrovka Bogatyrovka Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
23.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Maydanskoe Maydanskoye Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2011)
24.Oxyopes heterophthalmus between Zagatala-Sheki-Ismaily Sheki Dunin (1989b)
25.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Barkhan Sarykym Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym) Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
26.Oxyopes heterophthalmus near Kardzhin Kardzhin Ponomarev & Komarov (2013)
# Cited Records Location Original Publication Citing Publication
1.18063: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Caucasus citation missing view citing publication
2.18073: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Georgia citation missing view citing publication
3.18074: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Azerbaijan citation missing view citing publication
4.37094: Oxyopes heteroptalmus Tbilisi Kulczynski (1895) view citing publication
5.38530: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Tbilisi Kulczynski (1895) view citing publication
6.38531: Oxyopes heterophthalmus Agstapa Kulczynski (1895) view citing publication
7.Oxyopes heterophthalmus Gyanja citation missing view citing publication
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