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Beshpagir Stavropol Kray Russia (Stavropol Kray)North Caucasus

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Latitude Longitude This Location at ...
45.0216700° N42.3808300° E
# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Pholcus ponticus near Beshpagir Pholcidae Pholcus ponticus Logunov & Penney (2004)
2.Enoplognatha ovata near Beshpagir Theridiidae Enoplognatha ovata Logunov & Penney (2004)
3.Episinus truncatus near Beshpagir Theridiidae Episinus truncatus Logunov & Penney (2004)
4.Euryopis saukea near Beshpagir Theridiidae Euryopis saukea Logunov & Penney (2004)
5.Achaearanea tepidariorum near Beshpagir Theridiidae Parasteatoda tepidariorum Logunov & Penney (2004)
6.Theridion impressum near Beshpagir Theridiidae Phylloneta impressa Logunov & Penney (2004)
7.Steatoda castanea near Beshpagir Theridiidae Steatoda castanea Logunov & Penney (2004)
8.Steatoda castanea near Beshpagir Theridiidae Steatoda triangulosa Logunov & Penney (2004)
9.Lepthyphantes leprosus near Beshpagir Linyphiidae Lepthyphantes leprosus Logunov & Penney (2004)
10.Linyphia triangularis near Beshpagir Linyphiidae Linyphia triangularis Logunov & Penney (2004)
11.Styloctetor romanus near Beshpagir Linyphiidae Styloctetor romanus Logunov & Penney (2004)
12.Tenuiphantes tenuis near Beshpagir Linyphiidae Tenuiphantes tenuis Logunov & Penney (2004)
13.Argiope bruennichi near Beshpagir Araneidae Argiope bruennichi Logunov & Penney (2004)
14.Argiope lobata near Beshpagir Araneidae Argiope lobata Logunov & Penney (2004)
15.Mangora acalypha near Beshpagir Araneidae Mangora acalypha Logunov & Penney (2004)
16.Neoscona adianta near Beshpagir Araneidae Neoscona adianta Logunov & Penney (2004)
17.Xerolycosa miniata near Beshpagir Lycosidae Xerolycosa miniata Logunov & Penney (2004)
18.Pisaura mirabilis near Beshpagir Pisauridae Pisaura mirabilis Logunov & Penney (2004)
19.Oxyopes heterophthalmus near Beshpagir Oxyopidae Oxyopes heterophthalmus Logunov & Penney (2004)
20.Oxyopes lineatus near Beshpagir Oxyopidae Oxyopes lineatus Logunov & Penney (2004)
21.Tegenaria agrestis near Beshpagir Agelenidae Tegenaria agrestis Logunov & Penney (2004)
22.Phrurolithus festivus near Beshpagir Phrurolithidae Phrurolithus festivus Logunov & Penney (2004)
23.Berlandina cinerea near Beshpagir Gnaphosidae Berlandina cinerea Logunov & Penney (2004)
24.Drassodes lapidosus near Beshpagir Gnaphosidae Drassodes lapidosus Logunov & Penney (2004)
25.Gnaphosa mongolica near Beshpagir Gnaphosidae Gnaphosa mongolica Logunov & Penney (2004)
26.Nomisia aussereri near Beshpagir Gnaphosidae Nomisia aussereri Logunov & Penney (2004)
27.Zelotes electus near Beshpagir Gnaphosidae Zelotes electus Logunov & Penney (2004)
28.32899: Ozyptila guseinovorum Thomisidae Cozyptila guseinovorum Marusik et al. (2005)
29.Misumena vatia near Beshpagir Thomisidae Misumena vatia Logunov & Penney (2004)
30.Ozyptila praticola near Beshpagir Thomisidae Ozyptila praticola Logunov & Penney (2004)
31.Synema globosum near Beshpagir Thomisidae Synema globosum Logunov & Penney (2004)
32.Thomisus onustus near Beshpagir Thomisidae Thomisus onustus Logunov & Penney (2004)
33.Evarcha arcuata near Beshpagir Salticidae Evarcha arcuata Logunov & Penney (2004)
34.Heliophanus auratus at BeshpagirSalticidae Heliophanus auratus Logunov (2015)
35.Heliophanus auratus near Beshpagir Salticidae Heliophanus auratus Logunov & Penney (2004)
36.Heliophanus cupreus near Beshpagir Salticidae Heliophanus cupreus Logunov & Penney (2004)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
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