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Location Name Comments, alternative names ... Area Country Region
3 km East of Biragzang North Ossetia-Alania North Ossetia-AlaniaNorth Caucasus

Geoinformation on this Location

Latitude Longitude This Location at ...
43.0099820° N44.2598300° E
# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Achaearanea riparia 3 km East of Biragzang Theridiidae Cryptachaea riparia Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
2.Enoplognatha latimana 3 km East of Biragzang Theridiidae Enoplognatha latimana Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
3.Theridion impressum near Biragzang Theridiidae Phylloneta impressa Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
4.Tenuiphantes flavipes E of Biragzang Linyphiidae Tenuiphantes flavipes Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
5.Pachygnatha listeri E of Biragzang Tetragnathidae Pachygnatha listeri Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
6.Tetragnatha extensa E of Biragzang Tetragnathidae Tetragnatha extensa Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
7.Araneus quadratus near Verkhniy BiragzangAraneidae Araneus quadratus Ponomarev & Komarov (2013)
8.Mangora acalypha E of Biragzang Araneidae Mangora acalypha Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
9.Oxyopes lineatus E of Biragzang Oxyopidae Oxyopes lineatus Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
10.Cozyptila guseinovorum E of Biragzang Thomisidae Cozyptila guseinovorum Kovblyuk & Ponomarev (2008)
11.Ebrechtella tricuspidata E of Biragzang Thomisidae Ebrechtella tricuspidata Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
12.Xysticus kochi E of Biragzang Thomisidae Xysticus kochi Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
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