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Ponomarev, A.V. (2009): New species and records of spiders (Aranei) in Southern Russia and Western Kazakhstan. Cauc. Entomol. Bull. 5(2): 143-146PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Amaurobius antipovae at Abago Amaurobius antipovae Mt. Abago
2.Cresmatoneta mutinensis at Nikel Cresmatoneta mutinensis Nikel record cited in Ponomarev et al. 2012
3.Trachyzelotes pedestris in Krasnodar Kray Trachyzelotes pedestris Krasnodar
4.Trochosa cachetiensis in Krasnodar Kray Trochosa cachetiensis Krasnodar
5.Zodarion morosum in Krasnodar Kray Zodarion morosus Krasnodar
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