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Charitonov, D. E. (1956): Overview of the spider family Dysderidae in the fauna of the USSR. [Obzor paukov cemeystva Dysderidae fauny SSSR]. Utsh. zap. Permsk. gos. un-ta, 10 (1): 17-39.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Dysdera armenica holotype at Elenovka Dysdera armenica Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
2.Dysdera azerbajdzanica holotype at Bibi-Eybat (Baku) Dysdera azerbajdzhanica Baku
3.Dysdera concinna at Sandzhardy (Lenkoran) Dysdera concinna Lenkoran (City)
4.Dysdera punctata in the Caucasus Dysdera dunini Caucasus misident., see Dunin (1992:71)
5.Dysdera richteri holotype at Erevan Dysdera richteri Erevan
6.Dysdera spasskyi at Borjomi Dysdera spasskyi Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
7.Dysdera spasskyi holotype at Abastumani Dysdera spasskyi Abastumani
8.Dysdera westringi in the Caucasus Dysdera lata Caucasus misident., see Dunin (1992:71)
9.Harpactea zaitzevi holotype in Lagodekhi reserve Harpactea zaitzevi Lagodekhi Reserve
10.Harpactocrates fedotovi holotype at Lagodekhi Cryptoparachtes fedotovi Lagodekhi Reserve
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