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Gegechkori, A., Mkheidze, T., & Pkhakadze, V. (2005a): The zoogeographical - chorological peculiarities of the spiders (family Dysderidae) of Georgia. Proc. Georg. Acad. Sci., Biol. Ser. B, 3 (1).PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.39685: Dysdera spassky Dysdera spasskyi Georgia
2.39686: Dysdera crocata Dysdera crocata Georgia
3.39687: Dysdera westringi Dysdera lata Georgia probably misident., see D. lata
4.39688: Dysdera punctata Dysdera dunini Georgia determination needs to be verified, see comments in D. puncata
5.39689: Dysdera cribrata Dysdera dunini Georgia misident., see Dunin (1992:71)
6.39690: Dysdera hungarica Dysdera hungarica Georgia
7.39692: Dysdera tkibuliensis Dysdera meschetiensis Georgia
8.39693: Dysdera erythrina Dysdera erythrina Georgia
9.39694: Dysdera azerbaijanica Dysdera azerbajdzhanica Georgia
10.39695: Dysdera armenica Dysdera armenica Georgia
11.39696: Dysdera tbilisiensis Dysdera tbilisiensis Georgia
12.39697: Dysdera imeretiensis Dysdera imeretiensis Georgia
13.39698: Dysdera iberica Dysdera meschetiensis Georgia
14.39699: Dysdera meschetiensis Dysdera meschetiensis Georgia
15.39700: Dysdera charitonowi Dysdera charitonowi Georgia
16.39701: Dysdera richteri Dysdera richteri Georgia
17.39702: Dysdera ukrainensis Dysdera ukrainensis Georgia
18.39703: Dysdera bogatschevi Dysdera bogatschevi Georgia
19.39704: Dysdera gmelini Dysdera gmelini Georgia
20.39705: Dysdera inopinata Dysdera inopinata Georgia
21.39706: Dysdera dunin Dysdera dunini Georgia
22.39707: Dysdera martensi Dysdera martensi Georgia
23.39708: Dysdera lata Dysdera lata Georgia
24.39709: Harpactea caucasica Harpactea caucasia Georgia
25.39710: Harpactea zaitzevi Harpactea zaitzevi Georgia
26.39711: Harpactea charitonovi Harpactea charitonowi Georgia
27.39712: Harpactea camenarium Harpactea sturanyi Georgia
28.39713: Harpactea eskovi Harpactea eskovi Georgia
29.39714: Harpactea logunovi Harpactea logunovi Georgia
30.39715: Harpactea mcheidze Harpactocrates bristawei Georgia
31.39716: Harpactea mithridatis Harpactea mithridatis Georgia
32.39717: Harpactea paradoxa Harpactea paradoxa Georgia
33.39718: Harpactea rubicunda Harpactea rubicunda Georgia
34.39719: Hygrocrates georgicus Hygrocrates georgicus Georgia
35.39720: Hygrocrates caucasicus Hygrocrates caucasicus Georgia
36.39721: Hygrocrates bristowei Harpactocrates bristawei Georgia
37.39722: Hygrocrates trialetiensis Harpactocrates trialetiensis Georgia
38.39723: Cryptoparachtes adzharicus Cryptoparachtes adzharicus Georgia
39.39724: Cryptoparachtes charitonovi Cryptoparachtes charitonowi Georgia
40.39725: Cryptoparachtes fedotovi Cryptoparachtes fedotovi Georgia
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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