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Ldzaa Abkhazia GeorgiaTranscaucasus

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43.1727100° N40.3758000° E
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# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Scytodes thoracica at Ldzaa Scytodidae Scytodes thoracica Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
2.Leptonetela caucasica at Ldzaa Leptonetidae Leptonetela caucasica Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
3.Hyptiotes flavidus at Ldzaa Uloboridae Hyptiotes flavidus Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
4.Episinus truncatus at Ldzaa Theridiidae Episinus truncatus Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
5.32676: Yaginumena maculosa Theridiidae Yaginumena maculosa Marusik et al. (2004)
6.Ceratinella brevis at Ldzaa Linyphiidae Ceratinella brevis Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
7.Ipa keyserlingi at Ldzaa Linyphiidae Ipa keyserlingi Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
8.Metopobactrus prominulus at Ldzaa Linyphiidae Metopobactrus prominulus Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
9.Micrargus subaequalis at Ldzaa Linyphiidae Micrargus subaequalis Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
10.Neriene clathrata at Ldzaa Linyphiidae Neriene clathrata Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
11.Scutpelecopsis wunderlichi at Ldzaa Linyphiidae Scutpelecopsis wunderlichi Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
12.Tenuiphantes mengei at Ldzaa Linyphiidae Tenuiphantes mengei Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
13.Tenuiphantes perseus on Myusser highland Linyphiidae Tenuiphantes perseus Tanasevitch (2009)
14.Tenuiphantes perseus at Ldzaa Linyphiidae Tenuiphantes perseus Tanasevitch (2009)
15.Metellina merianae at Ldzaa Tetragnathidae Metellina merianae Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
16.Araneus diadematus at Ldzaa Araneidae Araneus diadematus Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
17.Araneus marmoreus at Ldzaa Araneidae Araneus marmoreus Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
18.Cercidia prominens at Ldzaa Araneidae Cercidia prominens Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
19.Zygiella x-notata at Ldzaa Araneidae Zygiella x-notata Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
20.Zoropsis spinimana at Ldzaa Zoropsidae Zoropsis spinimana Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
21.Hahnia nava at Ldzaa Hahniidae Hahnia nava Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
22.Zodarion abantense at Ldzaa Zodariidae Zodarion abantense Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
23.Cozyptila guseinovorum at Ldzaa Thomisidae Cozyptila guseinovorum Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
24.Ozyptila atomaria at Ldzaa Thomisidae Ozyptila atomaria Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
25.Euophrys frontalis at Ldzaa Salticidae Euophrys frontalis Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
26.Marpissa muscosa at Ldzaa Salticidae Marpissa muscosa Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
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