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Scytodes thoracica (Latreille, 1802)

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Family: : Scytodidae
Genus: : Scytodes

North Caucasus

very abundant species, 68 record(s)

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# Original Records Location Publication Comment
1.Scytodes thoracica at Khosta Khosta Spassky (1937a)
2.Scytodes thoracica on Mikhailovskiy Pass Mikhailovskiy Pass Spassky (1937a)
3.Scytodes thoracica at Grozny Grozny Minoranski (1988)
4.Scytodes thoracica at Gelendzhik Gelendzhik Spassky (1937a)
5.Scytodes thoracica at Sochi Sotshi Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
6.Scytodes thoracica at Maikop Maikop Dunin (1992b)
7.Scytodes thoracica at Bolshoi Utrish Bolshoi Utrish Ponomarev & Mikhailov (2007a)
8.Scytodes thoracica at Verkhniye Dzhengutai Verkhniy Dzhengutai Ponomarev et al. (2008b)
9.Scytodes thoracica at Nizhniye Kazanishtshe Nizhneye Kazanishtshe Ponomarev et al. (2008b)
10.Scytodes thoracica at Tselyagiun Tselegiun Abdurakhmanov & Alieva (2011)
11.Scytodes thoracica at Makhachkala Makhatshkala Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
12.Scytodes thoracica at Kotshubei Kotshubei Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
13.Scytodes thoracica at Bolshoi Utrish Bolshoi Utrish Ponomarev & Khatshikov (2009)
14.Scytodes thoracica in Vodopadnaya Valley (Bolshoi Utrish) Vodopadnaya Valley (Bolshoi Utrish) Ponomarev & Volkova (2013)
15.Scytodes thoracica at Utrish Sea Station IPEE RAN (Maliy Utrish) Malyi Utrish Ponomarev & Volkova (2013)
16.Scytodes thoracica in Pervaya Topolinaya Valley (Maliy Utrish) Pervaya Topolnaya Valley (Bolshoi Utrish) Ponomarev & Volkova (2013)
17.Scytodes thoracica at Maikop Maikop Ponomarev et al. (2012)
18.Scytodes thoracica Dondukovskaya Dondukovskaya Ponomarev et al. (2012)
19.Scytodes thoracica at Barkhan Sarykym Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym) Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
20.Scytodes thoracica at Brut Brut Ponomarev & Komarov (2013)
21.Scytodes thoracica at Ldzaa Ldzaa Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
22.Scytodes thoracica at Atshandara Atshandara Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
23.Scytodes thoracica at Astanly Astanli Dunin (1992b)
24.Scytodes thoracica at Kuba Kuba Dunin (1992b)
25.Scytodes thoracica at Telmana Telmana (Azerbaijan) Dunin (1992b)
26.Scytodes thoracica at Sukhum Sukhumi Spassky (1937a)
27.Scytodes thoracica at Nabran Nabran Dunin (1992b)
28.Scytodes thoracica at Legvaz, 4 km NNW of Megri Legvaz Dunin (1992b)
29.Scytodes thoracica on Apsheron Peninsula Apsheron Peninsula Guseinov (1999b)
30.38558: Scytodes thoracica Zendidi Mcheidze (1964)
31.31465: Scytodes thoracica Apsheron Peninsula Dunin (1984)
32.38554: Scytodes thoracica Tshakvi Mcheidze (1964)
33.39682: Scytodes thoracica Georgia Gegechkori et al. (2006)
34.38546: Scytodes thoracica Tsqneti Mcheidze (1964)
35.38545: Scytodes thoracica Tbilisi Mcheidze (1964)
36.38557: Scytodes thoracica Keda Mcheidze (1964)
37.32845: Scytodes thoracica Dasharkh Marusik et al. (2004)
38.38553: Scytodes thoracica Kobuleti Mcheidze (1964)
39.38556: Scytodes thoracica Kelasuri Mcheidze (1964)
40.38555: Scytodes thoracica Sukhumi Mcheidze (1964)
41.38559: Scytodes thoracica Agara (Gori) Mcheidze (1964)
42.38549: Scytodes thoracica Telavi Mcheidze (1964)
43.38548: Scytodes thoracica Zemo Khviti Mcheidze (1964)
44.38547: Scytodes thoracica Gori (Georgia) Mcheidze (1964)
45.38552: Scytodes thoracica Gremi Mcheidze (1964)
46.38551: Scytodes thoracica Kwareli Mcheidze (1964)
47.38550: Scytodes thoracica Tsinandali Mcheidze (1964)
48.Scytodes thoracica in Tbilisi Tbilisi Pkhakadze (2006)
49.36293: Scytodes thoracica Keda Mcheidze (1997)
50.36289: Scytodes thoracica Gori (Georgia) Mcheidze (1997)
51.36290: Scytodes thoracica Tshakvi Mcheidze (1997)
52.36292: Scytodes thoracica Kelasuri Mcheidze (1997)
53.36291: Scytodes thoracica Sukhumi Mcheidze (1997)
54.Scytodes thoracica at Mardakan Mardakan Dunin (1992b)
55.Scytodes thoracica at Okhud Okhud Dunin (1992b)
56.Scytodes thoracica at Kelasuri Kelasuri Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
57.Scytodes thoracica at Zakataly Zakataly Dunin (1992b)
58.Scytodes thoracica in Lenkoran Area Lenkoran (City) Guseinov (1999b)
59.Scytodes thoracica at Sukhumi Sukhumi Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
60.Scytodes thoracica in Turiantshaiski zapovednik Turiantshai State Reserve Dunin (1992b)
61.Scytodes thoracica at Mingechaur Mingetshaur Dunin (1992b)
62.Scytodes thoracica at Jasamalskaya Dolina near Baku Yasamalskaya valley Dunin (1992b)
63.Scytodes thoracica at Baku Baku Dunin (1992b)
64.Scytodes thoracica at Ryapsh River near Pitsunda Ryapsh River near Pitsunda Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
65.Scytodes thoracica in Myussera Reserve Bitshvinta-Miusera Nature Reserve Kovblyuk et al. (2011)
66.Scytodes thoracica at Djafarkhan Djafarkhan Dunin (1992b)
67.Scytodes thoracica between Zagatala-Sheki-Ismaily Sheki Dunin (1989b)
68.Scytodes thoracica in Mugan Steppe between Saatly, Sabirabad and Salyan Mugan steppe Dunin & Mamedov (1992)
# Cited Records Location Original Publication Citing Publication
1.6835: Scytodes thoracica Caucasus citation missing view citing publication
2.Scytodes thoracica at Checheno-Ingushetia Chechnya Minoranski (1988) view citing publication
3.Scytodes thoracica at Gelendzhik Gelendzhik Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
4.Scytodes thoracica at Khosta Khosta Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
5.Scytodes thoracica at Maikop Maikop Dunin (1992b) view citing publication
6.Scytodes thoracica at Mikhailovskyi Pass Mikhailovskiy Pass Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
7.36288: Scytodes thoracica Sukhumi Spassky (1937a) view citing publication
8.6836: Scytodes thoracica Armenian Upland citation missing view citing publication
9.6840: Scytodes thoracica Georgia citation missing view citing publication
10.6841: Scytodes thoracica Azerbaijan citation missing view citing publication
11.6842: Scytodes thoracica Armenia citation missing view citing publication
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