Database Update (Version 1.4.2)


Spider diversity model for the Caucasus Ecoregion (Chaladze et al. 2014)

The records of some more publications are now in the database, raising the total number of original records in the database to 12119. Now, 1110 species are in the Checklist Caucasus and 27 species are in the newly introduced Blacklist Caucasus (details see below).

List of new record data in database version 1.4.2:

You can find a link to the dump of the SQL database on the FAQ page.

Next to database updates, a number of changes aim at increasing accessibility of the content:

The Checklist Caucasus now contains only valid species with undoubtful records. Therefore, it is called: Critical and Commented Checklist of Spiders (Araneae) in the Caucasus Ecoregion (link).

In order to maximize availability of data and to facilitate accessibility to all – even doubtful or false records existing in the literature – a Blacklist Caucasus (link) is introduced and situated below the actual checklist – listing those species, which due to doubtful records in the Caucasus or invalid taxonomic status should not be part of the checklist sensu stricto. This blacklist can, however, be of interest to taxonomists when in search of literature sources concerning such questionable species or misidentifications.

Furthermore, all entries on the the publications page now have links to BibTeX citations (I am still working on PDF uploads) and all locations have been checked for double entries.

So, enjoy browsing!

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