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Location Name Comments, alternative names ... Area Country Region
Yasamalskaya valley Azerbaijan AzerbaijanTranscaucasus

Geoinformation on this Location

Latitude Longitude This Location at ...
40.3199480° N49.7643930° E
# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Scytodes thoracica at Jasamalskaya Dolina near Baku Scytodidae Scytodes thoracica Dunin (1992b)
2.39887: Oecobius cellariorum Oecobiidae Oecobius cellariorum Dunin (1988a)
3.40011: Uloborus plumipes Uloboridae Uloborus plumipes Dunin (1988a)
4.39948: Archaeodictyna ammophila Dictynidae Archaeodictyna ammophila Dunin (1988a)
5.39987: Lathys humilis Dictynidae Lathys humilis Dunin (1988a)
6.40076: Menemerus semilimbatus Salticidae Menemerus semilimbatus Rakov & Logunov (1997b)
7.Phlegra bresnieri at Jasamalskaya DolinaSalticidae Phlegra bresnieri Logunov (1996)
8.Phlegra bresnieri at Yasamalskaya valley Salticidae Phlegra bresnieri Logunov (1996)
9.Phlegra fuscipes (cinereofascitata) at Yasamalskaya valley Salticidae Phlegra cinereofasciata Logunov (1996)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
1.31732: Zelotes caucasius Gnaphosidae Zelotes caucasius citation missing view citing publication ...
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