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TargimGeoNames ID refers to IngushetiaIngushetia IngushetiaNorth Caucasus

Geoinformation on this Location

Latitude Longitude This Location at ...
42.8106400° N44.9378300° E
# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Theridium ovatum at Targim Theridiidae Enoplognatha ovata Minoranski (1988)
2.Theridium lunatum at Targim Theridiidae Parasteatoda lunata Minoranski (1988)
3.Theridium varians at Armkhi Theridiidae Theridion varians Minoranski (1988)
4.Araneus ceropegius at Targim Araneidae Aculepeira ceropegia Minoranski (1988)
5.Cyclosa conica at Targim Araneidae Cyclosa conica Minoranski (1988)
6.Hypsosinga sanguinea at Targim Araneidae Hypsosinga sanguinea Minoranski (1988)
7.Alopecosa schmidti at Targim Lycosidae Alopecosa schmidti Minoranski (1988)
8.Pardosa prativaga prativaga at Targim Lycosidae Pardosa prativaga Minoranski (1988)
9.Pisaura mirabilis at Targim Pisauridae Pisaura mirabilis Minoranski (1988)
10.Agelena labyrinthica at Targim Agelenidae Agelena labyrinthica Minoranski (1988)
11.Cheiracanthium erraticum at Targim Cheiracanthiidae Cheiracanthium erraticum Minoranski (1988)
12.Clubiona similis at Targim Clubionidae Clubiona similis Minoranski (1988)
13.Drassodes lapidosus at Targim Gnaphosidae Drassodes lapidosus Minoranski (1988)
14.Philodromus aureolus at Targim Philodromidae Philodromus aureolus Minoranski (1988)
15.Evarcha laetabunda at Targim Salticidae Evarcha laetabunda Minoranski (1988)
16.Evarcha laetabunda at Targim Salticidae Evarcha laetabunda Minoranski (1988)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
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