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Ismaily Azerbaijan AzerbaijanTranscaucasus

Geoinformation on this Location

Latitude Longitude This Location at ...
40.7849800° N48.1596985° E
# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.35096: Asthenargus caucasicus Linyphiidae Asthenargus caucasicus Tanasevitch (1990)
2.35105: Bisetifer cephalotus Linyphiidae Bisetifer cephalotus Tanasevitch (1990)
3.34700: Centromerus minor Linyphiidae Centromerus minor Tanasevitch (1990)
4.34945: Microneta viaria Linyphiidae Microneta viaria Tanasevitch (1990)
5.35017: Porrhomma pygmaeum Linyphiidae Porrhomma pygmaeum Tanasevitch (1990)
6.31118: Pardosa buchari Lycosidae Pardosa buchari Marusik et al. (2003a)
7.31154: Pardosa pirculiensis Lycosidae Pardosa pirkuliensis Marusik et al. (2003a)
8.32646: Malthonica lyncea Agelenidae Malthonica lyncea Guseinov et al. (2005b)
9.32669: Tegenaria ismaillensis Agelenidae Tegenaria ismaillensis Guseinov et al. (2005b)
10.Pireneitega spasskyi in Ismaily ReserveAmaurobiidae Pireneitega spasskyi Kovblyuk et al. (2013)
11.31336: Clubiona caerulescens Clubionidae Clubiona caucasica Mikhailov (1990)
12.Philodromus azcursor holotype in Ismaily Reserve Philodromidae Philodromus azcursor Logunov & Huseynov (2008)
13.Thanatus imbecillus in Ismaily Reserve Philodromidae Thanatus imbecillus Logunov & Huseynov (2008)
14.32046: Heliophanus flavipes Salticidae Heliophanus flavipes Logunov & Guseinov (2002)
15.32156: Neon reticulatus Salticidae Neon reticulatus Logunov & Guseinov (2002)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
1.31116: Pardosa azerifalcata Lycosidae Pardosa azerifalcata Marusik et al. (2003a) view citing publication ...
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