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Marusik, Y. M., Guseinov, E. F. & Koponen, S. (2003): Spiders (Arachnida: Aranei) of Azerbaijan. 2. Critical survey of wolf spiders (Lycosidae) found in the country with description of three new species and brief review of Palaearctic Evippa Simon, 1885. Arthr. Sel., 12: 47-65.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.31033: Evippa apsheronica Evippa apsheronica Baku
2.31034: Evippa caucasica Evippa caucasica Beyuk Dagh Mt.
3.31035: Evippa caucasica Evippa caucasica Kilyazi
4.31036: Pardosa gusarensis Pardosa gusarensis Kusary Region
5.31040: Alopecosa accentuata Alopecosa accentuata Avrora
6.31049: Alopecosa cuneata Alopecosa cuneata Avrora
7.31051: Alopecosa cursor Alopecosa cursor Kergez Mt.
8.31068: Arctosa leopardus Arctosa leopardus Avrora
9.31069: Arctosa leopardus Arctosa leopardus Avrora
10.31073: Arctosa tbilisiensis Arctosa tbilisiensis Avrora
11.31118: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Ismaily
12.31121: Pardosa caucasica Pardosa caucasica Galalty
13.31125: Pardosa hortensis Pardosa hortensis Avrora
14.31126: Pardosa hortensis Pardosa hortensis Khanaya
15.31127: Pardosa hortensis Pardosa hortensis Avrora
16.31131: Pardosa italica Pardosa italica Shirvan Reserve
17.31142: Pardosa morosa Pardosa morosa Bum
18.31152: Pardosa paracolchica Pardosa paracolchica Khanaya
19.31154: Pardosa pirculiensis Pardosa pirkuliensis Ismaily
20.31164: Pardosa proxima Pardosa proxima Laza (Qabala)
21.31165: Pardosa proxima Pardosa proxima Khanaya
22.31172: Pardosa tatarica Pardosa tatarica Avrora
23.31176: Pardosa vittata Pardosa vittata Amirvan
24.31180: Pirata latitans Piratula latitans Avrora
25.31183: Pirata piraticus Pirata piraticus Avrora
26.31186: Trochosa hispanica Trochosa hispanica Avrora
27.31187: Trochosa hispanica Trochosa hispanica Avrora
28.31197: Wadicosa fidelis Wadicosa fidelis Avrora
29.32522: Alopecosa albofasciata Alopecosa albofasciata Avrora
30.32523: Alopecosa striatipes Alopecosa striatipes Apsheron Peninsula
31.32527: Aulonia kratochvili Aulonia kratochvili Avrora
32.32533: Pardosa tatarica Pardosa tatarica Bum
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