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Zyuzin, A. A. and Logunov, D. V. (2000): New and little-known species of the Lycosidae from Azerbaijan, the Caucasus (Araneae, Lycosidae). Bull. Br. arachnol. Soc., 11: 305-319.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.31374: Lycosa praegrandis Lycosa praegrandis Gosmalyan
2.31375: Lycosa praegrandis Lycosa praegrandis Avash
3.31376: Lycosa praegrandis Lycosa praegrandis Shirvan Reserve
4.31377: Lycosa praegrandis Lycosa praegrandis Rustavi
5.31378: Geolycosa dunini Geolycosa dunini Pirkuli
6.31379: Geolycosa dunini Geolycosa dunini South of Kutaissi
7.31380: Geolycosa dunini Geolycosa dunini Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
8.31381: Geolycosa dunini Geolycosa dunini Kuba
9.31382: Geolycosa dunini Geolycosa dunini Khanlar (Goygol)
10.31383: Geolycosa dunini Geolycosa dunini Agdas
11.31384: Geolycosa dunini Geolycosa dunini Sheki
12.31385: Geolycosa dunini Geolycosa dunini Leninavan
13.31386: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Goygoyl Zapovednik
14.31387: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Georgia
15.31388: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Tshakvi
16.31389: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica East of Suchumi
17.31390: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Klukhor Pass
18.31391: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Garni
19.31392: Pardosa colchica Pardosa colchica Azatamut
20.31393: Pardosa paracolchica Pardosa paracolchica Nyugedi
21.31394: Pardosa paracolchica Pardosa paracolchica Kislovodsk
22.31395: Pardosa paracolchica Pardosa paracolchica Malka
23.31396: Pardosa paracolchica Pardosa paracolchica Baksan
24.31397: Pardosa paracolchica Pardosa paracolchica Baksan Verhnij
25.31398: Pardosa paracolchica Pardosa paracolchica Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve
26.31399: Pardosa paracolchica Pardosa paracolchica Sotshi
27.31400: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Pirkuli
28.31401: Pardosa buchari Pardosa buchari Dashkesan
29.31402: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Nyugedi
30.31403: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Goygoyl Zapovednik
31.31404: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Baku
32.31405: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Lenkoran (City)
33.31406: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Kuban River
34.31407: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Pirkuli
35.31410: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Nalchik
36.31411: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Baksan Verhnij
37.31414: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Astrakhanka
38.31415: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Lagodekhi Reserve
39.31416: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Alazani near Lagodekhi
40.31417: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Azatamut
41.31418: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Sevan Lake (Goktsha)
42.31419: Pardosa pontica Pardosa pontica Megri
43.31420: Pardosa agrestis Pardosa agrestis Pirkuli
44.31421: Pardosa pirkuliensis Pardosa pirkuliensis Pirkuli
45.Pardosa pontica in Stavropolskiy Kray Pardosa pontica Stavropol Kray
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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