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Guseinov, E. F., Marusik, Y. M., and Koponen, S. (2005): Spiders (Arachnida: Aranei) of Azerbaijan. 5. Faunistic review of the funnel-web spiders (Agelenidae) with the description of new genus and species. Arthropoda Selecta, 14: 153-177.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.32622: Agelena labyrinthica Agelena labyrinthica Baku
2.32623: Agelena labyrinthica Agelena labyrinthica Dogguzul (Gusar)
3.32624: Agelena labyrinthica Agelena labyrinthica Laza (Qabala)
4.32630: Agelena orientalis Agelena orientalis Lulakeran
5.32631: Agelena orientalis Agelena orientalis Lerik
6.32632: Agelena orientalis Agelena orientalis Avrora
7.32634: Azerithonica hyrcanica Azerithonica hyrcanica Avrora
8.32635: Azerithonica hyrcanica Azerithonica hyrcanica Khamosham
9.32636: Azerithonica hyrcanica Azerithonica hyrcanica Lenkoran (City)
10.32637: Azerithonica hyrcanica Azerithonica hyrcanica Avrora
11.32638: Azerithonica hyrcanica Azerithonica hyrcanica Avrora
12.32639: Azerithonica hyrcanica Azerithonica hyrcanica Hyrkan State Reserve
13.32641: Lycosoides lehtineni Lycosoides lehtineni Lake Ganly-Gyol
14.32643: Malthonica lehtineni Tegenaria lehtineni Batabat Lake
15.32644: Malthonica lenkoranica Tegenaria lenkoranica Avrora
16.32645: Malthonica lenkoranica Tegenaria lenkoranica Avrora
17.32646: Malthonica lyncea Tegenaria lyncea Ismaily
18.32647: Malthonica lyncea Tegenaria lyncea Khanaya
19.32648: Malthonica lyncea Tegenaria lyncea Akhura
20.32649: Malthonica nakhchivanica Tegenaria nakhchivanica Akhura
21.32650: Malthonica nakhchivanica Tegenaria nakhchivanica Bichenek
22.32651: Malthonica pseudolyncea Tegenaria pseudolyncea Kashkachay
23.32652: Malthonica pseudolyncea Tegenaria pseudolyncea Dzhar
24.32653: Malthonica pseudolyncea Tegenaria pseudolyncea Djugut
25.32654: Malthonica pseudolyncea Tegenaria pseudolyncea Qakh
26.32655: Malthonica pseudolyncea Tegenaria pseudolyncea Zakataly
27.32656: Tegenaria domestica Tegenaria domestica Baku
28.32657: Tegenaria domestica Tegenaria domestica Lenkoran (City)
29.32658: Tegenaria domestica Tegenaria domestica Mukhtadir
30.32659: Tegenaria domestica Tegenaria domestica Bina
31.32660: Tegenaria domestica Tegenaria domestica Kuba
32.32667: Tegenaria halidi Tegenaria halidi Avrora
33.32668: Tegenaria halidi Tegenaria halidi Avrora
34.32669: Tegenaria ismaillensis Tegenaria ismaillensis Ismaily
35.32670: Tegenaria ismaillensis Tegenaria ismaillensis Khanaya
36.32671: Tegenaria ismaillensis Tegenaria ismaillensis Valasin
37.32672: Tegenaria ismaillensis Tegenaria ismaillensis Kashkachay
38.32673: Tegenaria ismaillensis Tegenaria ismaillensis Qakh
39.32674: Tegenaria talyshica Tegenaria talyshica Lulakeran
40.32675: Tegenaria zagatalensis Tegenaria zagatalensis Zakataly
41.32901: Agelescape caucasica Agelescape caucasica Khanaya
42.32902: Agelescape dunini Agelescape dunini Azykh
43.32903: Agelescape levyi Agelescape levyi Khanaya
44.32904: Agelescape talyshica Agelescape talyshica Lulakeran
45.32905: Agelescape talyshica Agelescape talyshica Mistan
46.32906: Agelescape talyshica Agelescape talyshica Yardymly
47.32907: Agelescape talyshica Agelescape talyshica Yardymly
48.Tegenaria adomestica holotype at Nabran (Khachmass District) Tegenaria adomestica Nabran
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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